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3 Tips to Thoroughly Test Your Mobile Application

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3 Tips to Thoroughly Test Your Mobile Application - Blog
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Behind every great mobile app you enjoy using day in and day out is a team of professionals who put the app through rigorous testing to ensure it offers a great experience to the audience. Without that test, no app will perform well, not to mention even be considered “good quality.” Testing is vital for many reasons, some being security-related, others being user-experience-related. Regardless, testing is a must-have for any app you want to perform well, and only through testing can you improve on your app. Also, the more thorough the tests, the better!

Today, we’re going to share mobile app testing tips that you should apply to ensure your app gets the thorough testing it needs:

Test in Different Networks

The reason you’ll want to be testing your mobile application in different networks is simple: not everyone is using the same network. One of the most significant factors to consider when dealing with networks is the fact that speed is different. Some networks are faster than others, but if you do not take this into account, chances are your mobile app will be challenging to use with specific networks. For example, if you’ve only tested your mobile app with fast networks and optimized it for that, your mobile app may perform terribly with slower networks. 

In other words, you need to make sure you test with as many network speeds as possible to ensure your mobile app still performs well, whether the network is fast or slow.

Test in Different Configurations

Different mobile devices come in various configurations. The most notable of these differences are in the operating system, the two most popular being Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. These differences can greatly affect how the app performs, not to mention the other aspects of the mobile device, such as its processor, storage, and the like. The biggest reason you’ll want to test your app in as many configurations as possible is to look for bugs. One type of configuration may not experience any bugs, while another configuration may experience one or two.

Simply put, when testing your mobile app, test in as many configurations as you can. This helps you catch as many bugs as possible that may only be an issue with specific configurations, ensuring that bugs are minimal on the day the mobile app is released.

Test in Different Screen Sizes

While this might seem like a factor we should’ve included previously, it is so vital to the point that we need to separate it as its category.

Realize that different mobile devices have different screen sizes, and while this might seem like a menial problem, it is a massive concern to be had. Just imagine trying to use an app built for a tablet that is simply shrunk down to fit a small smartphone. Chances are, the app will be next to unusable. Different elements of the app will be lost when disappearing from the user’s field of view, and this can significantly affect the app’s utility.

As such, one of the more critical tests you need to put your mobile app through is to test it on different screen sizes. From the largest mobile devices down to the smallest phones, testing them on different screen sizes will help you make the right changes to ensure the app is still accessible, usable, and overall user-friendly no matter the screen size (and shape)!


When testing mobile apps, you must test them in different configurations, environments, and specifications as possible. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different mobile devices, and ensuring that your app works well in most of them will help your audience be more than happy to use your app. Now, remember that you don’t have to test your app on every single mobile device out there. Focus on the factors that many mobile devices share. However, focus on ones that will truly affect how your mobile app will run!

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