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6 Main Testing Methods For Mobile App User Testing

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6 Main Testing Methods For Mobile App User Testing Codoid Blog
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Testing is an essential element of creating a mobile app. However, because it requires a significant amount of time and work, it is frequently treated lightly or altogether ignored. But would your users enjoy it if they discovered a bug? That is extremely unlikely.

The importance of mobile user testing cannot be overstated. It assists consumers in determining how well the app operates and guarantees that users can navigate the app successfully and efficiently. Are you excited to put your app through its paces? We discussed many strategies, tools, and practices to help you get started in this post. Continue reading to learn more.

What is Mobile App Usability/User Testing?

Usability testing is having real people engage with your program to study their behavior, interactions, and reactions and make adjustments as needed.

It assists app developers in validating their decisions (such as interface design, functionality, and navigation) and informing future decisions (such as bug repairs or prioritizing new features).

Methods of Usability Testing

There are six ways of usability testing, each of which provides a thorough answer to various questions about your target audience.

The usability testing technique you select will be determined by your resources and objectives.

Guerrilla and lab testing

In-person usability testing in a lab is one of the most effective approaches for validating your design. It’s handy since you invite everyone to a single spot. And efficient — you have all the tools you need to get in-depth knowledge.

However, specific projects necessitate testing the design in the user’s location or environment (for example, because the user setting is so specialized that it cannot be recreated in a lab setting).

Keep in mind that usability testing in the user’s surroundings will most likely take longer than other forms of testing.

Moderated and unmoderated

A moderated test is when you sit with each participant and watch or listen to them interact with your product. Moderated tests are great for giving you real-time feedback on the user’s experience.

With unmoderated tests, you observe a participant using a product but do not interact with them. While they’re using the product, you watch them and take notes on their behavior.

Session Recording

Watching users interact with a product is a powerful way to get a sense of how they interact with your product and whether or not they do what you expect them to do.

You can record sessions to later re-watch and evaluate the recordings. Recording sessions will help you see patterns that you may otherwise miss.


One of the most important of all usability testing methods is eye tracking. It is the most precise tool available to understand how a user really navigates a product.

Eye-tracking is a research method that allows you to watch where a user looks in detail. In this method, you can see precisely what attracts a user’s attention and what they focus on.

Card Sorting

Card sorting tests are a lesser-known testing method but one of the most valuable. Card sorting is a method that allows you to see how users organize information and how they will categorize it.

The results of a card sort test can be used to organize information in a way that makes sense to your users.

In Person and Remote

In-person usability testing lets you be there to observe and interact with test participants. In-person testing is flexible and allows you to test many users relatively quickly.

Remote usability testing is accessed by users from their own homes or location. Remote testing lets you run tests at a much lower cost while still getting valuable user feedback.


The methods discussed above are some of the most widely used practices to get feedback from your users. However, the choice of method will vary from project to project, depending on the specific needs and resources.

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