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How to perform mobile app testing on all devices without purchasing them?

Are you wondering how you can perform mobile app testing on all devices without having to purchase them? Your Answer is right here.

How to perform mobile app testing on all devices without purchasing them
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If you have been wondering if it is possible to perform mobile app testing on all mobile devices (Android & iOS) without purchasing them, the answer is yes, it is very much possible to do that. There are even a couple of options to do so as well. You can either opt for cloud-based solutions to access real devices or use simulators and emulators to mimic a device. Each of these options does have its own advantage and disadvantages, but as a leading mobile app testing company, we always prefer to use cloud-based solutions to get the best results. So in this blog, we will be listing the various cloud-based mobile app testing solutions you can use to test an app on all devices without purchasing them and explore the scope of emulators and simulators. Let’s get started.

Prioritization is the key to having an effective testing mobile app testing strategy. Your objective shouldn’t be to just test your application on every available device out there as it is not smart to do so. There is nothing wrong with being thorough, but you shouldn’t waste your time and resources on obsolete devices or devices that will not be used by your intended audience. With that said, let’s first explore cloud-based solutions.

Cloud-Based Mobile App Testing Solutions

  • BrowserStack
  • pCloudy
  • Sauce Labs
  • AWS Device Farm
  • Perfecto
  • Kobiton
  • Firebase Test Lab

Though this list has been mentioned in a random order, BrowserStack is undoubtedly the best choice from these options. BrowserStack keeps adding new devices instantaneously and they stand out from the crowd with their helpful blogs and tech support that can guide you through the entire mobile app testing process. But if you do feel like you want to check out all the other tools before making a choice, make sure to visit our Cloud Testing Platforms blog as we have discussed these tools individually.


Though emulators are open-source options, they are not as effective as cloud-based solutions. They are also not easy to use as you would have to download and install the emulators for each and every device you want to test. Since emulators just mimic devices, they are also not that reliable to use. So the only possible scenarios where emulators would be effective would be when it is used during the early stages of development or for simple tests.
Now that you know the ways you can test the mobile app without buying new devices, make sure to go through our Mobile App Testing Checklist and its Peculiarities blog.

The Alternative Solution

If at all you feel overwhelmed by all these options and think you will not be able to handle the task on your own, do not fret. You can always outsource the tasks to a leading Mobile App Testing Service Company like us. We have been able to extend our mobile app testing services to large firms, start-ups, and even independent developers. The scale of the project has never been an area of concern. If you compromise on your testing, the chances of your app succeeding in the market becomes very slim. So we hope you now have a clear understanding of all the various options you can employ to get your app tested effectively.


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