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LambdaTest Review

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Choosing a right cloud testing tool is a cumbersome job given the option of multiple tools in market. However, an unbiased review from a QA company/testing experts will help the users to choose the apt tool. This week, we would like to review Lambdatest. Let’s go through all the features one by one.

Real Time Testing

Most of our ELearning Course testing projects, we use cloud test tools to test the courses on multi OS/platforms. For example: If a tester wants to test an application on Windows 10 and macOS, then the tester needn’t use two physical desktops (one for Windows and another for macOS). Just open two cloud real time testing instances and perform the testing. This eases and speeds up your testing on multi OS and browsers.

LambdaTest Review by Codoid

LambdaTest provides cross browser testing support on real mobile devices and Desktops and it has a comprehensive list of mobile devices. For desktops, we can see Windows and mac OS options. However, Linux is missing in the supported platforms. We would strongly recommend LambdaTest if you are testing web applications on multi browsers and mobile devices.

Suggestion to LambdaTest- Please add Real Time testing for Native Mobile Apps as well.

In LambdaTest Real Time Testing session, you can mark bug by entering comments & drawing on a screenshot, change screen resolution in the middle of your testing session. Screen video recording is also possible.

LambdaTest Real Time Testing

Visual UI Testing

LambdaTest has three features for Visual UI testing. Screenshot, Responsive, and Smart Testing.

Screenshot This is a notable feature in LambdaTest. You can take screenshots for a given URL on 25 mobile/desktop browsers in one go. Once the screenshots are ready, the tester can validate them one by one in slider view.

Responsive Another important feature. You can perform responsive mobile app testing on multiple devices simultaneously.

Mobile Responsive Testing

Smart Testing Smart Testing is a feature to compare screenshots with baseline images.

Automation Testing

You can send Selenium browser commands using LambdaTest’s Remote URL and desired capabilities as shown below.

DesiredCapabilities capabilities = new DesiredCapabilities();
capabilities.setCapability("build", "your build name");
capabilities.setCapability("name", "your test name");
capabilities.setCapability("platform", "Windows 10");
capabilities.setCapability("browserName", "Chrome");

LambdaTest supports Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, Ruby, and PHP to run your automation scripts on 2000+ different browsers

Integration with other tools

You can integrate LambdaTest with Jira, Slack, Bitbucket, Mantis, Azure DevOps, Clubhouse, Asana, Paymo, Monday, Trello, Teamwork, Microsoft Teams, Github, Hive, Gitlab, and Bugherd.


LambdaTest is a useful cloud testing tool which eases responsive multi browser testing. Native mobile app testing support is missing. We hope that it will be implemented in the near future.


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