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Mobile App Testing

App Development: Mobile App Testing Methods

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Almost every business in the market is delving into the practice of making their own app. This is because catering to a mobile market is key to growth for several industries. However, not every establishment is successful in releasing a quality product.

Making Preparations Before Your App’s Launch Date

There’s always a danger in riding trends without having enough experience to execute them properly. This is present not just in adapting business models but also in incorporating modern marketing strategies. While it’s easy to revise mistakes on these aspects, it’s not the same with releasing a faulty app.

Having a broken app upon release will be a nightmare for your users and your brand. Remember that your app is viewed as an extension of your products and services. This is why you need to set preparations to ensure its successful product launch.

If you want to have a great product launch for your app, consider these six mobile app testing methods:

Installation Testing

It’s best to start your app’s testing on its first and final interactions with a user. Installation testing ensures that your users won’t experience difficulties installing your app, whether it’s in downloading resources or connecting to your servers. This will also be necessary for updates and patches to your app on installed devices.

Interface Testing

Interface testing involves checking the many options, history, settings, and navigation flow of your app. It also verifies if an app’s communication to your servers is accurate and timely. This is why interface testing works on both the application server and web server interface.

Usability Testing

Once connections between servers are confirmed, it’s important to check how well your app can serve its purpose. It must serve a clear goal in as few steps as possible, whether you’re running a subscription service or creating a portal for product purchases. This is why it’s necessary to employ a good User Experience (UX) design for your app. All its elements, from window sizes to navigation flow, must all be relevant and responsive.

Compatibility Testing

App development needs to account for the different platforms it can be viewed on, whether it’s a specific phone model or firmware version. This includes assessing the proper presentation of the app’s resources in specific screen dimensions. Other than navigation concerns, incompatibilities can also cause the app to crash unless certain conditions are met.

Performance Testing

Besides the compatibility of an app to a specific device, it’s also vital to check the app’s response to different conditions. This includes low battery states, poor network signals, and even low storage availability. It’ll be necessary to supplement your app with pop-up notifications and terminate certain actions if the device has these conditions.

Security Testing

It’s vital to undergo security testing for any app to avoid any loopholes or entry points to your IT infrastructure. Since you’ll be adding another channel between your customers and your service, you need to ensure that it’s secure from potential risk. This includes data leaks, unauthorized log-ins, and other attacks that can compromise your service.


There are around 14 tests for mobile applications, but not all of them are necessary for your product. This is why it’s necessary to identify which ones will improve your app’s development. Since these processes take time and resources to do, you must be particular about the tests you employ. Thankfully, Quality Assurance (QA) companies can determine the best tests for your app’s purposes and goals.

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