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Usual Mobile App Testing Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

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The mobile app development life cycle is complex. But among these steps, testing is one of the most crucial parts of the process.

Through testing, the company identifies errors and areas for improvement. That is why firms rigorously test their apps or hire companies that offer mobile app testing services.

If your app consistently fails the testing phase, as a developer, you may have fallen into one of the pitfalls below.

Not Enough Systems Were Used for Testing

The testing phase for a mobile app is different from a website because of the many variables involved with apps. One of these is that apps need to work well in many different environments. While a site might need to work well on a few other browsers, an app needs to work correctly on many devices with varying operating systems so users can access it.

For example, Android and iOS will each require a different configuration. Even if you only release your app on one of them, you still have many further revisions of each operating system to test against. You’ll need to ensure your app works on a wide range of operating systems, not only one.

Too Many Systems Were Used for Testing

However, if you try to test your app on every operating system, you will have to deal with the time-consuming and even impossible task of making sure it works across all of them. It would lag the testing process and delay your app’s release.

Instead of trying it on every operating system in existence, make a better estimation of your end-users and their needs. Think about your end-user and the goal of your application and your company, then make an educated estimate about which systems might be the most important to test on.

Little Focus on UX/UI

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are crucial when it comes to mobile apps. Users expect apps that are easy to use, sleek, and well-designed, and they will remove those that aren’t from their devices.

Always take time to consider the app’s UX and UI when testing. Even the fastest and most innovative app will fail to impress if it has an off-putting user interface.

Excessive Focus on UX/UI

UX and UI are important. However, you also need to make sure not to forget the design and user interface of the app in the process. Hyper-focusing on finding bugs can affect the testing and cause delays.

A holistic app testing approach is the best way to strike a good balance between the two. Making a checklist of things to look out for can help you do this.

No Actual User Testing

Of course, software testing is an area of expertise that requires certain skills and knowledge. That is why software testing teams are employed during the app development process, but ordinary people are also a good idea.

You may think you know how to use your app, but you probably don’t know everything about it. You’re the creator, and you’ve been using it for months or even years. Your perspective is different from that of a new user. Ask them to test your app and report back to you what they feel is working and what is not.


Testing is an important stage in mobile app development. It identifies the errors in the application and helps improve it. That is why it’s crucial that developers test the product in the right amount of systems, give enough focus on the user experience, and allow actual users to test it. They may even hire companies that offer mobile app testing services to further ensure the quality and functionality of their application.

If you are looking for one of the best companies that offer mobile application testing services, turn to Codoid. Our experienced team of app testers can isolate errors and identify solutions to make your application as functional and as profitable as it should be. Team up with us today!


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