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Objectives and Strategies for Cross Browser Testing

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What does cross-browser testing mean to you? Simply put it means testing an application across several browsers. However, cross browser testing is not as simple as it sounds, as any best QA company will tell you. The myriad browsers in the market today have their own users based on their zones and devices, and these factors make it extremely complicated for even the best testers to put together a comprehensive and adequate testing strategy, and also the decision of selecting browsers for compatibility matrix becomes a challenge.

Despite the fact that cross browser testing is challenging, it is a quintessential part in the readiness for the launch of your site / application. Testing the compatibility of your site and or application across multiple browsers and devices is critical to success, since it ensures a seamless user experience irrespective of where they access the site or use the application.

Cross Browser Testing

Choose a top software testing company, with proven record to ensure structured cross browser testing, with minimum hurdles and in a fast and effective manner. An expert partner will understand the cross browser testing ecosystem, and put together strategy with requisite planning and preconditions, so your business can make an informed decision. Efficient strategies and planning will significantly reduce the time and effort required to ensure top quality cross browser testing.

Cross Browser Testing Objectives

The understanding of the aims and goals of anything will set the tone for anything to move forward, and this form of testing is no different. The two main objectives of cross browser testing are:

  • 1.Discovering defects and bugs – breaking down the application in a number of ways to discover errors and bugs
  • 2. Conducting Sanity check – ensuring that the audience / users have the same top seamless experience across all platforms / browsers

Basic Requirements to Perform Cross Browser Testing

When working with an expert software testing company, your business would be free of worry with regard to the site / application it seeks to promote / launch. They will take you the required steps to ensure successful cross browser testing. It would be necessary to first determine the number of browsers, and the most appropriate browser-operating system device combination on which the website would run most effectively. Given the highly critical nature of this step of the process, the combinations must be selected meticulously after considering all the parameters, including possible issues.

The expert QA testing company that you partner with, will use the best cross browser testing tool and methodology to run automated or manual testing. This is important to check any possible incompatibility of any of the browsers selected (as mentioned above). Any issues would need to be fixed and it would be imperative to run regression testing to ensure that the features are working and ‘behaving’ as they should, and remain unaffected by the changes.

Software Testing Types

The Steps of Cross-browser Testing

Selecting the right combination of browsers and OSs is a complex process, given the multiple browsers in the market today in addition to the more prominent ones. With the help of your specialist and expert Software testing company partner, your business would be able to achieve the right combinations. We are discussing this portion in more detail here.

  • 1.To start with using analytic tools would help put together a comprehensive list of operating system, browser and device combinations used most often by the targeted user base. It would help to make a quick check on the websites of competitors to understand the list of browsers that support their websites.
  • 2.Post preparing the list, it would be necessary to put together a compatibility matrix using combinations with: the browser supporting all features of the site, browser that least supports all the features, browsers that partially support, and browsers which do not support the site in any manner.

In Conclusion:

Most businesses probably shy away from conducting cross browser testing given the intensity and level of complexity it involves. The several hundreds of combinations can appear daunting. However, with the help of an expert and knowledgeable partner, your business would be able to make an accurate selection of tools, devices, browsers, and environments in order to conduct cross browser testing. To make your business forge ahead, connect with us to let us make this complex task highly manageable and successful.


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