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What makes QA Outsourcing the Best Way to Ensure Software Quality?

QA Outsourcing can increase the quality of your software and reduce the cost of your project at the same time. Read on to find out more.

What makes QA Outsourcing the Best Way to Ensure Software Quality
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QA outsourcing has a major role to play in the success of an application or software as an app might have 100 awesome features, but if there is just one small bug that troubles the customer, then that is what will define the experience of the user. The one bug will outweigh all the positives and stick out like a sore thumb in the customer’s memory. Once a mindset like that has been created, there is simply no going back. The impact of that bug will forever be a deep dent that spoils the outlook of the product. So an app that is not properly tested will result in its creators paying a big price in terms of finance and reputation.

The solution here would be to employ a high-caliber testing team to take care of the scripted testing, regression testing, and real-world testing so that the in-house team can concentrate on new features instead of focusing on iterative testing. That’s where QA outsourcing comes into play, as one can get a highly skilled and capable team to test their software and also cut costs in their budget.

A Statistical viewpoint of Outsourcing

It’s not just us who are claiming this to be a successful strategy, the statistics behind our statement is also as strong as it can get. In 2019, the global IT outsourcing market had reached a mammoth value of $333.7 Billion. But the most interesting fact is that it is on a CAGR of 4.5% and is expected to reach $397.6 Billion by 2025. According to a recent survey, 83% of IT leaders are having plans to outsource their security to an MSP in 2021. So is it just the big fish at work here? No, 37% of small businesses have also opted for outsourcing as they have witnessed increased efficiency.

What makes Outsourcing the way to go?

So why are so many companies outsourcing? Is it only because of the cost? Cost is an important reason, but not the only reason. Every project has a budget cap and the management will always be on the lookout for the most efficient path to success. So outsourcing becomes the obvious solution here as though outsourcing is cost-efficient, it is in no way different in quality. When it comes to QA outsourcing, factors such as the average income of a QA Engineer and the hourly rate are what cause this difference.

Why is QA Outsourcing cost effective

So it is evident here that the cost of the work varies from one region to region. But it is also worth noting that the cost is the only factor that is changing across regions and not the quality of work. In fact, we could even go beyond and say that QA outsourcing increases the level of quality. Now, coming back to the main question. Is cost the only major factor? No, the value that the QA outsourcing companies like us provide is off the charts in comparison. Even if we assume that a team has an unlimited supply of resources at their disposal, QA outsourcing would still be the better option as QA outsourcing software testing nullifies the impact of cognitive bias in the process.

As a top QA company ourselves, we are hard on our testing to make it easier for our clients to smoothly launch their new products with the utmost confidence.

An Adaptable choice

Let’s take a deeper dive into the value that we speak so highly of. We have already brushed through the fact that all businesses irrespective of their scale find QA outsourcing to be resourceful. So if it’s a small startup wondering how to make room for software testing in their budget, QA outsourcing has the ability to ensure software quality while still being on a budget. If it is a bigger company, they will be able to get a far more experienced team in the same price bracket through QA outsourcing.

There might even be a short-term need that requires just a week or two of software testing. Building an in-house team or recruiting an employee for such a short period of time will be a cumbersome task that may not yield the best results as well. Every project is unique to itself and would demand a special set of skills from the testing team. As an experienced software testing service provider, we are experts in handling any challenge that comes our way all thanks to our dedicated teams for all types of testing such as manual, automation, performance, and the list could just keep going. On the whole, QA outsourcing can solve all such problems and most importantly save everyone from the unnecessary hassle.

A Proof of Concept

Despite all the goods we have seen, there are cases where people could be on the fence and still be skeptical about going forward with QA outsourcing. The next move that could potentially make all the doubts fly away would be to approach a QA company and get a Proof of Concept. A POC helps the person witness the QA team’s expertise with the solutions they bring to the table. Most importantly, a POC will instill more confidence as it helps to analyze the QA team beyond just their successful track record.

That is why we trust in our ability and provide a free POC to not just establish the fact that we have what it takes to ensure software quality, but also lay a foundation for the successful partnership that is in the making. You’re just a step away from getting the best software testing services, so take a step in the right direction and contact us now.


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