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Defining a Test Case in Software Testing

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Defining a Test Case in Software Testing - Blog
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Only the best QA companies will be equipped with an expert team of testers, proficient in writing top quality test cases. A test case must be a meticulously drafted document, prior to executing a testing process and must include a range of essential details with regard to the testing process. This document would serve as a blueprint for testing including elements such as test data to be input, preconditions, possible and expected results, and much more.

A test case can be defined as a set of conditions and variables put together to ensure and verify the functionality of software against expected requirements. A company offering QA services within software testing, would be proficient in using test cases to uncover requirement issues, design an application, and be able to make the requisite changes that would validate the efficacy, functionality and quality of any software product.

Defining a Test Case

Elements of a Test Case

Only the best software testing firm would understand the critical relevance of writing robust test cases. Such a company would cover features that would be important for a robust test case, thereby ensuring the effectiveness and accuracy of software testing. The features of a high-quality test case are listed below.

  • Designed in accordance with the Software Requirement Specification.
  • Ensure standardization and uniformity throughout the process of testing.
  • Outlines the complete flow of specific requirements through test data and results expected
  • Detailed information together that is easily understood, comprehensive, and concise.
  • Contain a complete list of variables by which testers would be able to verify the functionality, optimal performance, testing requirement, and other critical aspects of the software.
  • Serve as a benchmark/information document for future test cases and other testers.

Test Case Format

The main components of a good test case include an ID, a description, some inputs, actionable items, and expected and actual results.

Test case Title/Name: Any test must have a self-explanatory name.

The Description: This would include a brief narrative to let testers know what they are about to test.

Assumptions/Prerequisites: Any assumptions and prerequisites to be met before executing the test would need to be mentioned

Clear Test Steps: Clear, brief, yet comprehensive steps with necessary information to help with efficient test execution.

Data Set: This should provide optimal coverage, including both positive and negative scenarios.

Results Expected: This outlines what the testers should find at the end of the test steps.

Actual Result: The actual behavior of the application during test execution.

Miscellaneous: Additional and useful information, including but not limited to, screenshots, to help testers.

Putting Together a Good Test Case

An expert software testing/QA company will be proficient in all aspects of software, including writing the best test cases. A good test case would –

  • Focus on aspect and would not be complicated or overlap
  • Cover all positive and negative scenarios
  • Easy to comprehend language in active voice, using uniform and exact names of elements
  • Be accurate – stating the exact purpose
  • Traceable to requirements
  • Comprehensible and accessible in order to be used again
  • Make it possible to perform the same test repeatedly

In Conclusion:

There is no doubt that test cases are extremely critical as the first step for any software testing project. Anything that were to go awry at this stage would have negative and possibly far-reaching effects in the life cycle of the project. Test cases are therefore highly potent documents to ensure that a system, its elements, and experience are exactly as they are anticipated. A business must invest in the services of a top QA company to ensure all this and more. We are the go-to company for every realm of software testing – connect with our experts.


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