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Phrases by Developers that Make QA Engineers Fume

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Phrases by Developers that Make QA Engineers Fume - Blog
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Currently, within the development environments, developers work on selected features and code without the involvement of QA teams. Once the code is done, it is passed on to the QA teams to test, and only if there is a bug do developers hear from the QA engineers – the typical ‘throwing the code over the wall’.

QA Engineers

Software development companies continue to operate in this manner given that it is the traditional way of doing things – with software developers hardly interacting with their QA colleagues. Expert developers create top-quality code, features, and a strong infrastructure, but it is still possible for issues to arise. This happens because of their failure to look at the scope of the product in its entirety, lack of focus on details, or simply the inevitable human error. This is where the role of QA engineers comes to the fore – they need to meticulously test features to ensure that the product released to the market is of high quality. In the realm of software testing and as an expert QA company, we understand and manage the strife between developers and QA engineers. While developers hate code they script to be tested, QA engineers hate having to deal with the tough time that developers may give them. However, it is important to understand that the goal is the same for all – high-quality products. We have put together some phrases that developers often repeat, much to the chagrin of QA engineers – but all the same, it is about the spirit of working in unison and cohesively.

Developers often say:

“Strange – I can get it to work on my machine”The statement comes about when QA engineers find bugs that may have slipped past developers, unnoticed. This usually occurs when due to scale or varying structures the issue does not get reproduced on the environment that developers work within but is reproduced within the production environment. As a leader amongst some of the best QA companies, we understand that it is the environment, and hence both the teams must work together to investigate the issue and resolve it since the customer expects top-quality software.

“The bug you found, we checked and confirm that it is time to release”Upon finding the bug and returning the code to the developers, the mistake that developers make is to believe that it is possible to immediately release the code to production. However, the fixes checked need to go back to the QA team since the changes could possibly affect some other parts of the product, which developers may not be able to notice. Again, the idea is to put up a product that is error-free and top-notch quality – to ensure maximum ROI for the business.

“Are you using the new feature in the right way?”Developers may have done their best with the new feature / or with upgrading a current feature, and hence it is usually tough for them to believe that it is not working as designed. However, when the feature goes into testing, QA engineers may find that it does not work as anticipated for various reasons – it is important for developers to understand this and work with the QA team to ensure that the product reaching the customer is high quality.


“No not a bug – this is how the feature is supposed to behave”It is obvious for developers to feel annoyed, when they have created what they believe to be a super quality feature, and the QA team tells them that there is a bug. The job of QA engineers is to view a system as a whole – including from the perspective of the user. While developers may not want to agree but it is necessary to keep communication open in order to produce the best for the customers. It is important for both sides to make time to understand the viewpoint of the other since doing so has undeniable rewards.

“You took too long to find the defect”After all the hard work that developers put together to create a code, it does become frustrating when at the last minute a bug is discovered. The feeling does creep in that the QA team took far too long to uncover the bug. However, it is necessary to understand that there is a systematic method to the process and it is never the intention of a QA team to take longer than is required.

“Test the latest / right version of the code – make sure you are”Developers often doubt whether QA personnel would be – using the new feature right, testing the latest version of the code. These doubts are unfounded since before testing the QA team would ensure that the commit is within the latest version of the code being tested.

As a professional and highly skilled QA company, we know that the end result must be a top-notch product for users – unless developers and QA teams work together this will not be possible. Both teams must take the initiative and enhance collaboration with each other in order to deliver a high-quality experience for the user. Both must remember that creating and testing are means to an end, which would be high quality and the best ROI for the business. For hassle-free and top-notch products, connect with us and let our experts take over.


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