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Testing Banking Applications – Top Tips

When creating and testing banking applications and software, the perspective and ease of the end user must be kept at the fore by developers and testers.

Testing Banking Applications
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Digital transformation continues to dominate as the future in the world of business, and the banking industry is no different. The many digital undertakings, ideas, and trends are sure indicators of digitization: Omni-channel and anywhere banking, mobile wallets, and many more are some of them. Research and reports indicate that the number of worldwide mobile banking users is expected to touch about two billion by the year 2022. The world of banking is complex, which in turn means that the technology would be top line and constantly changing and increasingly intricate with a lot more functionalities woven into the applications. Delivering top service and performance while ensuring business continuity, is necessary to drive ROI in the banking industry. As a leading QA company we are experts in testing banking applications to ensure sustained high quality, which in turn helps to sustain optimal ROI.

Complexity of Banking Applications

All commercial activity revolves around banking, with each bank possessing humongous functional frameworks to support the many core activities and specialized service offerings. It is therefore imperative that transactional accuracy, availability, top performance and ease of access and use remain the fundamental competencies of banking applications. To understand better why regularly testing banking applications is critical, we list some of the top core characteristics of such applications:

  • Multi-level functionalities to ensure smooth performance even with thousands of simultaneous user sessions.
  • Seamless and extensive integration with several applications such as bill paying, trading, and more.
  • Complicated and multi-faceted business workflows.
  • Group and real-time processing.
  • Highly secure transactions, with a high rate of transactions each second.
  • Meticulous reporting for the innumerable daily transactions.
  • Robust auditing and troubleshooting ability.
  • Seemingly infinite storage.
  • Disaster and Recovery Control.

The characteristics mentioned make the banking applications and systems highly complex and hence regular testing becomes critical to maintain top quality at all times. It makes sense for the banking industry (and other industries) to team up with an expert software testing services company, for the testing and smooth operation of their applications. We test banking applications to ensure:

Several users and banking staff often lack computer skills, and it is necessary to ensure that the applications are consistently user-friendly and interactive. The banking staff (in addition to customers) must be able to easily create new clients, assign them with banking identities, and be able to easily manage the operations of the bank – all the functionalities must be accessible and convenient to use with a few clicks. The interfaces should have simplistic graphics as also hints on how to work them. Such simplistic banking applications would save a lot of time and effort for those working at the banks, while also ensuring customer satisfaction. A smoothly functioning application would gain praise and an edge for the QA services company – ample reason to ensure top quality testing of banking applications.

The traceability matrix method has the highest utility and is one of the top approaches to check the functionality of banking software and applications. As one of the top QA companies, we ensure that the dependencies, internal and external operations, boundary sections and others are thoroughly tested. Consistent smooth functionality of applications is quintessential to the success of banking operations – and we guarantee it.

Employees and customers often complain about the performance of the banking software. Poor performance of the banking applications does have an adverse effect on the working of the banking staff, which in turn is translated to poor service leading to irate customers. Numerous and regular inaccuracies are usually caused by a very large number of users and several operations running simultaneously. Regular updates and upkeep of the system is therefore essential to ensure the seamless performance of the banking applications. Without such upkeep, not only will there be the unwanted effect of user ire, but major issues such as data loss and leakage. Load, stress, and performance testing are highly critical to avoid any such issues, and ensure top working banking applications, despite heavy workloads.

Banks are entrusted with confidential customer data, and hence ensuring the confidentiality and security of this data must be the prime concern for any such institution, more than any other given the financial transactions. Security testing of banking applications therefore is mandatory and must be entrusted only to the experts of software testing within the banking domain. We at Codoid work with contemporary tools and comprehensive test strategies, which not only help to check the software functionality but also predict possible future risks.

Given that online banking must and do work 24/7, it is necessary that software testers apply load, performance, and stress testing in the same – simulating all the possible issues that users may face.

In Conclusion

When creating and testing banking applications and software, the perspective and ease of the end user must be kept at the fore by developers and testers. It is imperative to hire the best QA service providers who would not only focus on finding errors but would also be able to suggest ways to improve the products. We are an expert company, with teams that have in-depth experience in testing and ensuring the overall quality of banking software /applications. Connect with us to work with the best.


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