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Why Software Bug Reproduction is vital?

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Why Software Bug Reproduction is vital
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In the entire gamut of the Software testing life cycle, bug reproduction has been a crucial aspect in the process of delivering a product devoid of bugs. Whenever a software tester is watchful and hints you of a bug, if there exists a possibility of recreating it in the development environment, then you are in the game of discovering precisely what goes wrong and fixing it even before the users identify it. The more descriptive the steps are from the tester which leads to the bug identification, the better chances you have of identifying it for yourself.

However, the process of software bug reproduction many times is accompanied by loads and loads of ever-growing challenges. In this blog article, we try to through light on those grey areas of bug reproduction.

1. The depiction of the issue is precise that the programmer is able to comprehend the essence of the issue and why it arises

2. Having ingress into the steps to reproduce the bug, including necessary information about what the user was doing when the problem arose

As a matter of fact not all bugs can be reproduced. Lack of basic information may hamper the programmer from being able to reproduce it. Secondly, devoid of tools in place to reproduce it. In certain instances, the reason could be a user error or a local issue on the part of the tester. The first two issues can potentially be evaded by resorting to a professional software testing service by a top software testing company like us, Our proven research-driven strategies in software bug reproduction have helped clients across the globe deliver glitch free product without hassles.

Why software bug reproduction is vital?

Listed below are some of the elements which ensures that if a software bug gets fixed:

  • Thorough and complete information of the defect report
  • Checking whether the development team member can ascertain the actual occurrence of a defect under specific conditions?
  • The underlying IT environment, tools, and application versions should be within the reach of the developers at all instances on which the defect is reported by the testers

Successfully writing defect “Steps to reproduce”:

  • Be concise
  • Incorporate perfect data used during the software testing process for easy reference
  • All the steps ought to be in definitive order
  • Don’t forget to quote all pre-requisite data points as and when needed
  • Avoid writing complex steps, Say for instance, if a scenario requires you to save a document from MS Word, then it can be written as, ‘Open the File menu and click on save option’.
  • Recheck your steps invariably to reproduce on a new system, clearing all cookies and cache memory
  • Make sure the sentences are precise and unambiguous


The insurmountable objective of any product owner has always been an incredible product free from all possible glitches. Software bug reproduction is the need of the hour at such instances. Connect with our distinctly different team of software test engineers for all your QA services.


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