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Scaled Agile Framework: What Is It And How Do You Use It?

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Scaled Agile Framework What Is It And How Do You Use It - Blog
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Getting Things Done The SAFe Way

Scaled Agile Framework is often abbreviated “SAFe”. The intention with this provision is a means of guiding various organizations in terms of practices defined as “agile” and “lean”.

Basically, the idea is a sort of consolidated system which aligns things like collaboration and delivery across multiple teams. This can be essential in properly facilitating APM, or Application Performance Management. provides a list of these 10 critical APM features according to the site, “For developers, APM is really all about data…lots of data. But they need more than data, they need actionable insights from that data so they can quickly get to the root cause of what is causing application problems.”

The truth is, no matter how well you design and deploy any application, you’re going to have issues crop up eventually. Chalk it up to Murphy’s Law if you like. Human development is subject to human error, and those errors tend to crop up in ways that are persistently unique.

Think of it like digitally metaphysical whack-a-mole, if you will. As soon as one issue is resolved, another one pops up and you’ve got to knock it back with the APM hammer. How accurate you are will depend on the available tools you use; techniques like SAFe are increasingly sought for their success in facilitating such accuracy.

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Application Of SAFe Principles

When it comes specifically to SAFe management, there are a number of ways in which this method is applied. One selection of practices is designed for organizations with one hundred or fewer individuals working on programs. The other selection of practices is designed for larger groups.

Your first step will be identifying which category your operation falls into. One of the next big steps is keeping proper records and adjusting operations accordingly. All businesses are going to have different idiosyncrasies which must be taken into account for the greatest effect.

Time is one of the chief operational variables to consider. If things haven’t gone a certain way in a certain time, it may very well be considerable to change operational tactics. Principles which underlie SAFe practices can help manage the resource of time.

Those employing SAFe will be led into taking a view of that being managed which is economic. Variability is assumed, and building is incremental as it is often based on cycles of learning. Milestones are set, and objectives accomplished. Operations are optimized, and decision-making becomes decentralized.

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Better, More Dependable Performance

SAFe in conjunction with APM is designed to increase levels of positive performance as pertains to regular operations. These combined schools of thought and management provide information that is detailed, and can truly help enhance such technologically centered ventures.

Solutions like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in marketing do a similar thing, in that they provide metrics like ROI for those employing such solutions to latch onto and base forward decisions around. Even as established as things have become, there is always some level of subjectivity silhouetting such digitally consumed pursuits.

Ultimately, what you want is an agile team that is able to encounter new variables and either work with them, around them, or despite them. The more cohesively organized your application management is, the more successfully such efforts can be pursued.

Transitioning your operation such that it has proper devotion to this task can be complicated, but SAFe principles in conjunction with APM can be a big help. If you haven’t looked into this increasingly common mode of app facilitation, it makes a lot of sense to do so. Being more organized in these matters can be key to competitiveness in the marketplace.


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