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Bug Tracking in Agile Testing

Misunderstood defects will lead to confusion and waste your team's valuable time.

Bug Tracking in Agile Testing
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For a small team, a spreadsheet is sufficient to track bugs. However, for a geographically dispersed team and an organization which has multiple groups, it is not the right choice. A bug tracking system will allow you to capture several essential information about a bug, and your team will be notified when you log a defect.

Bug Prioritization

An Agile team can decide how quickly a bug needs to be fixed based on its severity. Bug severity can be determined with the following questions:

  • How many will it affect?
  • How much money will the company lose if released into production?
  • How costly is the time to fix the issue going to be?

An agile tester should discuss with stakeholders to decide the bug priority based on the above questions’ answers.


Bug Details

A bug report is one of the crucial deliverables from a tester. When a bug is understandable easily, then finding a solution will be easy. Defect Description provides a glimpse of the bug. However, screenshots/screencasts will provide more detailed information about the issue.

Another vital piece of evidence is how to replicate the issue. Your team members will refer to your defect. So they should know you have found the bug.

Developers should know what Workflow you have followed to find the bug because each webpage or mobile screen may be accessed from different workflows.

The software/app under test may behave differently on different browsers/devices. You need to provide what test data you have used and which device/browser the issue occurs.

Linking Useful Information

Modern bug tracking software has an option to link other defects and stories. Developers may get the following information from the Linked defects.

  • Relevant Technical details to fix the issue from the closed defect.
  • Comments in the linked defect from other developers may provide some precautions.
  • Developers may get some optimized SQL queries.

In Conclusion

We, as a QA Company, use Jira for bug tracking. Software tester can earn a good reputation from a quality bug report. Our QA testers add interested parties to the Watchers list whenever a new defect is created in Jira. When a defect has all the necessary information, then the developer can understand the issue quickly. If the defect is understood, then fixing will be commenced immediately.

Misunderstood defects will lead to confusion and waste your team’s valuable time.


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