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How to Choose the Right Team for Automated Testing

In this blog article, you will learn some critical factors while building your team for automated testing.

How to choose the right team for automated testing
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Executing successful test automation is far more than just writing code. It requires a highly-skilled team that is disciplined to create long-term and innovative sustainable automation.

Here are some critical factors while building your team for automated testing:

1: The reality check is that sustainable test automation can’t be made quickly or easily. That’s why a competitive test automation team must be hired so that they can maintain the software and add new features or functionality in the future. Hire experts to assemble the right QA team to design your automation framework and test scripts. A dynamic team will be able to evolve with the changing needs of your app testing. Many businesses hire third-party companies to build test automation for them, and it is necessary to find a reputable one that adopts a sustainable plan for automation tools.

2: Choose an ideal candidate with a good track record as a team leader of your automation test team because this is a critical hire. The team should be skilled in building reusable code, leveraging functions, creating well-documented methods, and intuitive naming conventions. Avoid candidates who mention record-and-playback test automation development process or keyword-driven approaches since these are not effective automation techniques and return nil on investments. Look out for manual testers who can leverage automation as a tool for efficient and consistent test-case execution. Team members should be pro-learning and follow the approach and framework decided at the beginning.

3: Bring onboard specialists like a principal developer who has a robust methodology background who can positively contribute to the growth and scalability of your app/web. Such an infrastructure specialist will focus on framework development, test management, remote execution, etc. As your team grows, such areas of app/web development will become critical to your success, and additional niche specialists for reporting, analysis, project management, and administration will become a necessity.

4: Ensure that you have sufficient team members running QA for you so that you are adequately covered throughout the entire SDLC. The automation team equips tools and languages for the manual testing team. Sometimes it is better to hire or outsource to an automated testing services company where you get access to quality assurance leaders who can monitor the usage of automation by identifying problems.

The easiest way to switch to automated from manual testing would be to take help from an automation expert who will oversee the process.

If you already have a project where you need automated testing skills, then get the goals and strategy defined by this expert and identify critical issues.

You need appropriate instruments like tools and frameworks, and employing an experienced automated tester will help establish a path for you to switch from manual testing to automation.

To make the switch, you’ll have to set up the environment which requires software and hardware, and this will take time and resources and while increasing costs.

Slowly switch the process with few testers and ensure there is proper management to avoid errors by being well-documented. A skilled automation expert will simplify this process.

At Codoid, a test automation services company, we believe that the priorities in automated testing should be as follows project, team, and then tools. First, you should analyze your product, then select the right team to solve issues and choose tools that will assist your QA testers. Whether it’s an app or website decide what browsers, functions, and OS’s you want it to support. The more familiar you are with the latest technologies used in the development, the better your testing strategy will be. If you need your software to be perfected, contact our team of expert QA engineers.


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