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Use Test Automation to Raise Service Levels

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Any businesses selling any kind of product or service is bound to have to deal with angry customers at some or another time. Every so often, the customer is angry for no fault of the product or the business. However, things can and do go wrong with products and services as well.

Use Test Automation

The input of QA services can be valuable in reducing the number of angry customer interactions and can also help resolve customer issues faster and more effectively. We look at how a software testing company can help businesses; so that there are fewer angry customers to deal with and so that customer care is able to deal with irate customers more effectively, efficiently.

How angry customers disrupt business

Dealing with customer complaints is time consuming and resource intensive for a business. It is employee time and effort that could have been but to more productive use. Consider how a simple computer system error caused a 15 minute computer failure at Heathrow airport in September 2017, resulted in hours of delays for numerous airlines. Harried, angry passengers demanding explanations, rerouting, and refunds were a common sight. This is something that any company would want to avoid; can in fact avoid by using the automation testing services of a QA company.

A customer service debacle such as this doesn’t just create a logistical nightmare, it negatively impacts a brand and its profitability. On a day to day basis, dealing with irate, demanding persons who expect the company to take responsibility for everything and set it right, can be frustrating and unpleasant for your employees. It can be demoralising and may prevent your people from doing their best work. So when it comes to angry customers, a QA company can help you head this off at the pass, so to speak.

How test automation services helps you improve customer service

Continuous delivery Consider a scenario where a customer is trying to by a flight ticket on and then encountering some sort of system glitch that prevented them from proceeding with the booking. Such a customer would have no hesitation in moving to another similar service such as or to complete their booking. By opting for automation testing services, you can ensure continuous, uninterrupted delivery which gives your company a valuable competitive edge.

Selenium testing services Various testing modalities can be used by software testing company providing QA services. However in recent times, selenium testing has become the industry standard; having been found to dependable, portable and versatile. This gives companies the benefit of a robust automated regression suite and test automation framework aided by popular tools such as Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, and Protractor. This lets companies change their applications code without any apprehensions.

Helping quality assurance managers and teams Automation testing services help your teams continue to build new software while maintaining quality at each step of the development process. This helps in creating better design, acceptance, implementation, integration and production testing.

Enhanced skill set By opting for and implementing the services of a QA company, customer service processes of your business will benefit. Your people will learn new skills, enhance existing techniques and achieve management objectives more efficiently. It helps hone leadership qualities and communications between teams and the better implementation of technology for improved customer service.

Business owners and managers are becoming keenly aware of the importance of automation testing services because of the many positive impacts that this has on customer services as well as overall company service levels. If you have been contemplating the QA services of a software testing company, the foregoing would have clarified a few doubts and given you food for thought.


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