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AI Dynamic Player Ranking

Our AI-driven solution automates the complex player ranking process for the Squash Federation of India, efficiently handling real-time data and generating accurate monthly rankings for 1500 players across multiple categories.

Handling a Complicated Ranking Algorithm

The Squash Federation of India faced the daunting task of generating monthly player rankings for 1500 players. The ranking algorithm had to consider either two tournaments from the previous month or the top three tournaments of the current year. Additionally, it required separate rankings for different age categories and gender. Initially handled by Celery (Python), the process was time-consuming and complicated. Our AI solution streamlined and automated this process, ensuring quick and accurate rankings based on real-time match results.
  • Higlight Arrow Right50% reduction in processing time
  • Higlight Arrow RightAutomation of complex ranking calculations with AI
  • Higlight Arrow RightGeneration of monthly rankings for 1500 players for different age categories and both genders

Tools we Used


The Countless Challenges

  • Union IconThe ranking algorithm required consideration of either two tournaments from the previous month or the top three tournaments of the current year, adding significant complexity.
  • Union IconProcessing real-time match results and updating the rankings on both their website and mobile app promptly without any errors was critical as the system had to consider historical match data for accurate ranking calculations.
  • Union IconThe solution needed to scale to accommodate growing numbers of players and tournaments.
  • Union IconEnsuring the ranking process adheres to the Squash Federation's guidelines and policies and that the ranking algorithm is transparent and understandable for stakeholders and users.
  • Union IconStandardizing diverse data formats received from different tournament organizers and managing incomplete or missing data entries that could impact the accuracy of the rankings.

Our Flawless Solutions

  • Union IconDeveloped a flexible AI algorithm capable of dynamically adjusting ranking criteria based on specified input parameters, accommodating both the previous month's tournaments and the current year's top tournaments.
  • Union IconImplemented efficient data ingestion and processing pipelines to handle real-time match data, ensuring timely updates to rankings.
  • Union IconDesigned the AI system to categorize and process data based on specified age groups and gender criteria, ensuring accurate and separate rankings.
  • Union IconUtilized scalable cloud infrastructure and parallel processing techniques to manage high data volumes, ensuring efficient ranking generation for 1500 players.
  • Union IconImplemented rigorous validation and testing procedures to ensure the accuracy of AI-generated rankings, including cross-checks against historical data.
  • Union IconDeveloped robust APIs and middleware to integrate the AI solution with existing systems, ensuring smooth data flow and synchronization.
  • Union IconRegularly reviewed and updated the ranking algorithm and process to ensure compliance with the Squash Federation's guidelines and policies.

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