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Exploratory Testing

Why Exploratory Testing in an Agile Environment Is Important for Software Development

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Why Exploratory Testing in an Agile Environment Is Important for Software Development - Blog
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Software development is dominating the industry in an increasingly tech-savvy world, that’s why companies are starting to adopt an agile methodology to churn out products in a time-boxed approach. This sets a deadline for every stage of the process — from collecting requirements, planning, developing, testing, before launching to the public. 

Agile projects follow a strict standard that is time-tested, so it’s understandable how businesses gravitate towards this established approach. But innovation is all about taking the strengths of older traditions and taking a leap with new concepts, that’s why newer methodologies like exploratory testing challenge the structured testing in an agile environment. 

What is Exploratory Testing? 

This approach deviates from the set requirements you usually follow in agile methodology, which means it goes freestyle and does not stick to a standard set of test cases. It focuses on honing the available knowledge within the client’s specifications, basing it on progressive techniques and a continuous thirst for learning. 

What Are the Benefits of Integrating Exploratory Testing in Agile Projects?

Benefit #1: Time Management

Agile environments operate on a strict and tight schedule, leaving little time to explore finer details with the ever-changing requirements that come with software development. Combining agile methodologies with exploratory testing maximizes your time by directing your efforts to findings that lead to valuable results. 

Instead of wasting time noting down every stage, you can conduct independent testing and focus on areas where you can catch critical defects. This makes exploratory testing an effective, time-saving solution in an agile environment that demands testers to beat the clock. 

Benefit #2: Deeper Understanding of the Software Product

Agile projects limit the tester to specific scenarios, which keeps people from exploring the full potential of a software application. But exploratory testing encourages talented minds to freely inspect the product, which sheds light on aspects that are otherwise left in the dark in a structured testing environment. With more room to explore the application, users develop a deeper understanding of how the software works and can provide compelling insights. 

Benefit #3: Ensures Valuable Data Gathering Despite the Rapid Change of Requirements

Agile projects tend to change requirements at a moment’s notice, making it challenging for testers to handle since it forces them to go back to square one: the planning stage. Exploratory testing follows an independent structure, so testers can jump right into the critical scenarios and assess the reliability of the product.

The Bottom Line: The Role of Exploratory Testing in Producing High-Quality Data for Better Improvements

Exploratory testing can be ground-breaking to a certain extent since it tailors the findings accordingly, which means testers can draw unique conclusions and insight into the software product. 

Using the tester’s existing knowledge, technical skills, and experience, they skip the need to plan and document. This speeds up the process without compromising the quality of the test cases in agile environments. 

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