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What are the Current Trends in Automation Testing in 2022?

Stay on top of your game by exploring our comprehensive list of the current trends in automation testing for the year 2022.

What are the Current Trends in Automation Testing in 2022 - Blog
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As per a recent report, the global automation testing market is expected to grow from an already high $20.7 Billion to a mammoth $49.9 Billion by the year 2026. So in such a fast-growing domain, you might lose out on a lot of potentials if you fail to keep up with the current trends in automation testing. Being a leading QA company that provides top-of-the-line automation testing services to all our clients, we have created this list of current trends in automation testing based on real-world scenarios and not assumptions. So let’s take a look at automation testing trends to keep an eye on for 2022.

Automation Tools Powered by AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two technologies that have the potential to take automation to the next level as it eases everything from test creation to test maintenance. With the help of AI and ML, we will be able to automate unit tests, validate UI changes, ease regression testing, and detect bugs earlier than before. So we will be able to achieve seamless continuous testing with the least amount of effort and resources. Though such capabilities aren’t possible now, the prospect of being able to achieve such a feat doesn’t seem to be far away.

Codeless Automation Solutions

Such growth in AI and ML will also yield the rise of codeless automation solutions that are slowly gaining popularity. So the learning curve can be greatly reduced and a lot of time can be saved with such codeless automation solutions. If you’re wondering that codeless automation sounds a little too similar to Selenium Testing, make sure to read our blog about codeless automation testing to know its advantages and to understand how it is different from Selenium testing. As an experienced automation testing company, we have to say that codeless automation will not replace automation. But it will definitely come in handy.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Be it testing or collaboration tools, cloud-based solutions are already flying high and there seems to be no slowing them down in the near future as well. They have so many advantages to offer such as cost-effective infrastructure, reduced execution time with parallel testing, better test coverage, bug management, and so on. With the never-ending pandemic raging on, the implementation of such solutions will definitely be high.

The Emergence of IoT Testing

We are slowly seeing IoT being implemented in more and more avenues like smart speakers, smart home appliances like thermostats, lights, and so on. It goes without saying that all these products would have to be tested. And since almost all information sharing across these devices is achieved through APIs, the need for API testing will definitely be on the rise. Making it an undeniable entry to our list of current trends in automation testing.

Security Testing

Security breaches were also on the rise during the pandemic and privacy concerns with regards to the user data also became a talking point. So you will no longer be able to use real-world data to test security. Instead, you’d have to use masking or synthetic test data generation tools to perform security testing and finally conclude with various compliance tools as well.


Pretty much every single point we have seen in this list of the current trends in automation testing is about the various tools that will be useful. But we should also make sure to focus on our automation skills and self-improvement to make use of the state-of-the-art tools and methods to achieve continuous testing.


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