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4 Advantages of Using Synthetic Monitoring for Your Mobile App

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Mobile apps have taken the world by storm over the last decade, thanks to the incredible utility they provide billions of users worldwide. They’re exceptionally powerful, easy to use, and accessible from what is essentially a tiny supercomputer that allows people to carry out all sorts of functions. However, due to mobile apps’ high performance, users expect an exceptional experience from all apps on the market. That means companies must devote significant resources to delivering a well-designed application with rich functionality.

While this may sound intimidating, this is where synthetic monitoring comes in handy. When used in tandem with mobile application testing services, it can help you catch bugs and make it easier to provide a much better user experience for your target audience. Here are four advantages of using synthetic monitoring on your mobile application:


It Identifies Issues Before Your Users Find Them


When users find a bug and report it, they fully expect mobile developers to resolve them right away. Although this is normal for most apps, why not take your app to the next level by anticipating these bugs before your users find them? With synthetic monitoring, you can simulate user interactions and identify problems they may encounter. You can then consult with QA companies to address the issues before your users ever get to experience them. They’ll enjoy using your app more, leading to a loyal user base and better ratings on the marketplace.


It Tracks Complex Transactions and Processes


Mobile apps are growing only more powerful by the year, but they’re also getting more and more complex. They can now be used to perform all sorts of functions, like business transactions and processes. Since these capabilities deal with money, you need to make sure that it works perfectly and isn’t prone to bugs. The last thing you want is to hear complaints of users debited for the purchase despite the transaction not pushing through.

Luckily, with synthetic monitoring, you can also reproduce business processes like logging in, browsing, adding items to the cart, and checking out from different locations. You can also use this method to track the app’s performance and compare it across various operating systems to optimize them.

It Ensures Application Updates Function Properly


No mobile app is perfect, which means that it will require an update to improve its security and compatibility with new operating system updates every once in a while. However, some mobile app updates have compromised the smartphone’s performance in some shape or manner because they weren’t tested properly. Without keeping a close eye on these updates, they may cause unintended effects on your users’ smartphones, leaving them frustrated and potentially causing them to delete the app to resolve the problem.

Fortunately, synthetic monitoring is a wonderful way to test out updates thoroughly before rolling them out to the marketplace. That way, you’ll catch any bugs or errors the update may cause and ensure that it functions as intended.

It Benchmarks Testing and Performance Metrics

Lastly, synthetic monitoring helps consolidate your monitoring, testing, and performance metrics in one dashboard. Instead of having to shuttle back and forth to get the data you need, everything will be in one place. It also generates higher-quality data, allowing your team to enjoy a more comprehensive view of the tests you’re scheduled to run on your mobile app.


Test automation services are vital to producing a mobile app that will suit your target audience’s preferences and deliver an exceptional experience. By integrating synthetic monitoring into it, you’ll enjoy a more holistic approach to your app, ensuring that you set it up for success. 

Codoid is an industry leader in quality assurance, offering the best app testing services around. We use our Grade-A testing to ensure that your growing product fulfills its highest potential and meets the needs of your end-users. Contact us today to find out how we can help you polish your mobile app!



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