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Geographic Factors Affecting Mobile Testing

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Geographic Factors Affecting Mobile Testing Codoid Blog
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The mobile paradigm has established a firm grip on various forms of consumer, industrial, commercial, and scientific technologies. Matching pace with this phenomenon, mobile device testing has gained criticality since such activities guarantee the performance of various mobile-native applications. Geography features among the various parameters that could spell success for mobile app testing services. This factor is important given the fact that various segments of the target user base of an app remain dispersed across regions, nations, and continents.

Mobile Operating Systems

Consumers in different nations favor varying brands of mobile devices. An overwhelming number of mobile users in the United States use devices powered by the iOS operating system, while Google’s Android finds millions of users across Asian nations. These facts are amongst the drives of the requirement for expansive strategies in mobile app testing initiatives. This would require testing professionals to forge different test strategies for mobile apps, keeping the requirements of a wider consumer base at the fore. Therefore, mobile app testing strategies must focus on these geographic factors, since they underlie the key aspects of the operational focus of a mobile app testing company.

Geographic Factors Affecting Mobile Testing


Settings within a device are typically aligned with consumer preferences in target geographies. This implies that mobile testing strategies should focus on region-specific settings designed into the operating system of mobile devices and hence mobile app testing professionals must design test strategies focused on region-specific usage. For instance, devices and apps meant for use in the Americas must be tested to display financial information in their currency – US Dollars. Similarly, testing must validate the month, date, and year format since certain apps find heavier usage in particular geographies. Apps originating in European nations and with a maximum consumer base in that continent must conform to patterns of usage as per the consumers. The setup and application of mobile app testing services must remain mindful of these factors.


Internet bandwidth fluctuates in different parts of the world. 4G bandwidth, widely available in certain geographies, tends to perform differently in across nations. Therefore, the providers of mobile app testing services must consider connectivity speeds when testing an app for a particular location. A uniform testing strategy may appear in the list of best practices, but it is important to customize strategies to match connectivity and local usage. This approach would enable testing professionals to monitor the performance of a mobile device in real-world conditions.

In Conclusion

It is necessary to remain cognizant of the centrality of geography to put in place the best mobile device testing strategies. Individual testers may use their experience and knowledge to fine-tune the strategies, thus expanding the scope of intelligent mobile app testing services. We work across the globe, which enhances our knowledge and expertise of the various geographical considerations. Connect with us to gain all these advantages and more.


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