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Mobile App Testing

Our Guide to Mobile App Testing: What Is It and Why Is It Necessary?

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Smartphones have undoubtedly changed the world. From their humble beginnings as revolutionary mobile phones that can call and text to superpowered mini computers, they have transformed the way people create, consume, and communicate with one another. While smartphones are almost ubiquitous, the number of mobile users is still on the rise: Statista predicts that there will be 7.26 billion users worldwide by 2023. Naturally, that also means that smartphone apps are expected to be more sophisticated and advanced than ever before.

If you’re thinking of creating your own mobile app, you must undergo many different processes to make sure it’s ready for launch. All apps depend on positive user feedback to succeed. Many users won’t hesitate to leave a one-star review if they’re unimpressed by the user interface or run into performance problems. To avoid this sinkhole, you’ll have to invest in mobile app testing services.

What Is Mobile App Testing? 

Mobile app testing is the practice of running numerous tests on a mobile application to detect and squash bugs while ensuring that it meets your usability and functionality requirements. It involves several kinds of tests, like functional, performance, security, and load testing. 

This type of testing is often incredibly complex, as it tests compatibility with different screen sizes, devices, operating systems, connection types, and other factors. By investing in mobile app testing services, you’ll make sure that your app is of the highest quality, setting you up for success when you release your app through a marketplace. Working with mobile app testing companies is always the best route, as they’ll know everything they need to test your app, ensuring it’s mostly free of issues by launch time.

What are the Qualities of a Five-Star Mobile App?

Intuitive design is always a feature that sets mobile apps from the mediocre ones. Simplicity and ease of navigability are top qualities that users look for in apps, especially since apps don’t come with a user manual, nor are they expected to provide one. Unfortunately, intuitiveness is remarkably difficult to achieve when creating an app. However, mobile testing allows you to test the app’s user experience through all stages of its development, helping you create an app that’s easy to use. 

Users won’t settle for an app that doesn’t perform well. In fact, even if you revamp your app’s performance to make it respond with lightning speed, users often won’t give it a second chance. Performance is the bread and butter of app quality, so you’ll need to make sure it  performs without a hitch during testing.

Lastly, your app should have an accessible way for your users to provide feedback. Even the best QA companies can’t predict every scenario when testing, which means your users will probably discover bugs themselves. Giving them an avenue to communicate these with you helps establish a relationship between you and your users, building trust in the process.

Why is Mobile App Testing Necessary?

Mobile app testing prevents users from flooding your app with reviews about crashes, poor performance, or even battery drain since it’ll be rigorously trialing your app in various scenarios. With access to such insight before launching your app, you’ll have enough time to resolve these issues, eliminating the chance that your users will run into a subpar user experience and interface.

QA also guarantees that your app functions without running into several glitches under specific performance requirements. As long as your users meet the minimum recommended specifications, such as a particular operating system and hardware, they should be enjoying fast loading times and minimal to no crashes on the app, thanks to rigorous QA. It also helps create loyal users since they have a stress-free experience, helping you build a formidable reputation and access a wider audience.


Failing to plan is planning to fail, including not working with mobile testing service providers who know exactly how to sharpen your app and iron out all the kinks that can upset users. By investing in mobile app testing services, you’ll be on the path to launching a widely successful app.

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