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Why UI/UX Testing is Important?

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Why UI UX Testing is Important Codoid Blog
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Customers today want to experience the best of technology through devices, apps, and surfing online information, without wasting time and expending too much effort. Efficiency and speed are the top priorities and hence customers are drawn towards websites and mobile applications that consistently deliver on these two counts. It is all about the customer now – the user! This is why we as an expert Software Testing Company are consistently building UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) testing capability.

UX Testing

The whole premise and perspective of any business would be to enhance profitability by increasing the user base and retaining existing users. A company would aim to ensure that users focus on and use its products rather than that of competition. It is necessary therefore to approach business intelligently and from the perspective of the users, such that service and products align with their expectations. If users hear positive comments they would buy or download the product and would then use it, and form their own opinion. Hence while a new user might first buy a product basis other customer reviews, remaining a customer would depend on the interface and experience they have. Every new user is either a potential brand ambassador or someone who would write a scathing review or might never use a company’s product ever again. It makes sense therefore to ensure that users love your product and efficiency and usefulness are the criteria. Websites and applications must achieve these goals in order for customers to continue using and recommending them to others and this is why user testing becomes critical.

UX testing helps a business to identify the purpose for which customers use the product, and how they use the product to achieve that purpose. Customers expect maximum value from products, and they will question and stop using anything that does not achieve their purpose. Any responsible business will ensure that the websites and applications they produce will bring happiness and top notch usability for their customers. As leading Mobile App Testing Services expert we understand the importance of usability testing to enable businesses to give customers exactly what they expect and need.

Usability testing enables companies to deal with some core issues such as:

  • Identification of damaged or severed links
  • Bridging content and language gaps
  • Fixing page errors
  • Ensuring uniformity across sites and applications thereby enhancing the message and image of a brand
  • Resolving poor page design layout

UX Testing Benefits

Cost effectiveness and money saving – Ensuring that users get the product they expect and need is necessary in order to save time and money rectifying a sub-standard product that fails to hit home with users. It makes more sense to partner with UI UX testing experts who would ensure that the product that goes out is of the best quality. Through usability testing never have to waste resources on redesign or code factoring later on.

Enhancing Conversion Rates – Usability testing enhances user experiences for websites, which is a proven factor to raise conversion rates by up to 75% – an extremely critical factor for any business. Applications and software solutions too must be able to increase conversions and long-term engagement. Usability testing also ensures that users can provide feedback on the software created. When users are included in the process, they are less likely to criticize and more amenable to providing new ideas with regard to functionality and improvements.

Creating Brand Awareness and Loyalty – A uniform brand experience is necessary to create a good impression on users. Software and applications should be simple, recognizable, unique, and have high quality – and this must be consistent across platforms, devices, and applications. Intuitive, interactive, and easy to navigate user interfaces keep users loyal to a brand and encourage them to spread the word of mouth to others. In addition, uniformity ensures that users and current non-users are able to identify the brand from the look and feel of the websites, software, and applications.

At Codoid we have an expert team that completely understands and is equipped to use all the techniques and tools required to find and fix bugs and ensure that software, applications, and websites are and remain of top quality. Diligence in documentation is extremely important to report bugs and capture recommendations of the solutions. Usability testing is an ongoing process and cannot be done all at once – regular testing across mobile devices and operating systems to ensure compatibility and a holistic user experience is the core of usability testing. Connect with us to create the right testing strategy, which will help to achieve the digital objectives for your business.


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