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Tips for Successful QA Outsourcing

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Tips for Successful QA Outsourcing Codoid Blog
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Some companies feel that quality assurance (QA) processes can be easily carried out in house. However QA outsourcing is recommended for several reasons: firstly, QA testing companies can save businesses a lot of money since the cost of training personnel from within the organisation is time consuming and expensive.

QA outsourcing

If you take a look at the list of software testing companies in USA you would find that they are able to save money because they run significant volumes of their testing from places such as Bulgaria and India. QA outsourcing can also give businesses access to unlimited resources and experts in the field; and help maintain tight deadlines. Here is how to make the right choices in hiring QA services:

Do your research Make a list of possible QA testing companies to hire and then shortlist a few based on the price, online reviews, word of mouth, company size etc. If you are considering QA outsourcing from overseas, you need to take into account time zone differences and language barriers and whether these would cause significant problems with regard to scheduling and communication.

Check the QA company portfolio It makes sense to hire a company that has handled projects or clients similar to your requirements. Check out the list of clients that the company has, and the testing modalities they use to understand whether they would be suitable for your purposes. How long has the company been around and what is their track record? What is the company size? These are a few things you need to check out, because you don’t want to hire someone who is too new and small to handle your requirements and you don’t want to hire a company that is too big to give their full attention to you project.

Involve your people Get your people on board with the process of choosing a software testing company. To begin with, your internal people may not be gung ho about you bringing in outside help for testing or quality assurance. It may be necessary to explain why outside help is needed and why doing so does not reflect poorly on their expertise or performance. If you use their input for making the choice they will become more agreeable to the whole process of hiring outside help. They will also offer valuable inputs to help you make the final choice. You should also listen to employee inputs to understand what their needs are.

Be specific Some QA testing companies may offer services other than testing and quality assurance. In that case, you want to make your aims and objectives very clear. Communicate effectively with the company to get across your precise requirements and expectations.

Opt for a comprehensive agreement A comprehensive service level agreement is recommended. This sets out rules and guidelines, project specs, schedules, deadlines and other details. Clarifying and setting out all these details works to the benefit of both parties – everyone knows that is expected of them and there are no misunderstandings.

Clearly, QA outsourcing can work to the great benefit of your company. By keeping the above suggestions in mind when making a choice, you can be assure of a positive experience and the best possible outcomes.


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