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QA – Helping Telecom Companies Mitigate Challenges

As a leading Software Testing Company our work within the telecom sector enables us to understand the challenges this sector faces with regard to the new trends and technologies.

Helping Telecom Companies Mitigate Challenges
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The business of the telecom operators is an evolving landscape with data and non-voice services having surpassed voice services. Telecom companies therefore have the responsibility and must deliver top quality, innovative, and reliable services if they are to retain existing clients and attract new ones for the long term. A wide range of top quality mobile applications is part of the expectations that customers have from telecom companies as part of the evolving landscape. As a leading Software Testing Company our work within the telecom sector enables us to understand the challenges this sector faces with regard to the new trends and technologies. Augmented reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), and many more are all technologies that customers expect, which forces telecom companies to restructure and readjust their traditional business strategies – posing a significant challenge for many operators.

Keeping Abreast

The telecom industry is comprised of sections such as internet service providing, satellite and wireless communication, and more, but to gain and sustain a competitive edge each company must deliver customized and value added solutions to their customers. Innovative solutions for this industry would include software based updates, customer segmentation, customized marketing campaigns, and top quality customer service.

QA Testing helps Telecom Companies Mitigate Challenges

1. The significant and consistent elevation in new technologies, rise of customer expectations, and the increasing number of internet service providers and other competing telecom companies have led to a sharp decline in the profit margins for telecom companies overall. Such companies need to turn their attention toward ICT innovation, and ensure that their organizations remain flexible enough to adapt to the ever evolving digital transformation. As experts in the realm of QA services, we know that QA testing is essential to ensure optimal working of software and the systems, such that they deliver the expected output.

2. As the number of subscribers and a range of products increase, there is a need for tailored solutions. All this in turn makes customer care, operations, configuration of service, billing cycles and other such aspects, a lot more complicated. Telecom companies therefore, have increased spends on getting more resources and customized tools to ensure that customers get what they want and to gain an edge over competitors. As a result the financial overheads have increased significantly. With so much at stake, these companies must ensure that their products not only function as per customer requirements, but that the products are efficient, convenient, and secure. QA testing is therefore essential – not just to ensure proper functioning of the products, but also to mitigate the challenges and risks that telecom companies could face.

3. Meticulous and regular QA testing would ensure the proper implementation of the solutions, while addressing all the existing and possible issues. Telecom companies must ensure that their end to end solutions are properly supported such that their business remains profitable.

4. As mentioned, the challenges that telecom companies face, is the constant restructuring of infrastructure, the IT connectivity, and maintaining focus on offering reliable and affordable services. The most important is network security given that threats to technology are becoming more potent and frequent. The QA testing experts would be able set up a proper process and provide solutions customized to fit the business and customer base of the companies.

5. No business today can succeed without retaining existing customers and attracting a larger customer base. This can happen only when consistently high quality service is provided, along with effective back-end software, and a user-friendly and highly responsive customer use application. QA testing will ensure that telecom services are elevated and there is a significant reduction in the time to market and customer complaints.

In Conclusion

As leaders in the realm of QA services for the telecom industry (and more), we have consistently helped our clients with all the features mentioned above. QA testing analyses all the major operating systems, while optimizing their testing along with hardware devices. Our in-depth expertise enables us to ensure the security, functionality, reliability, and compatibility of the applications used by the telecom sector through wide and rigorous software testing. Connect with us for specialized software testing services and a personalized software testing strategy for your business within the telecom sector (and many more).


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