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Here Are Three Reasons to Start Building Your Digital Wallet

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Digital wallet
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Everything is going digital nowadays. If your business has not hopped onto the trend, you might lose the market’s interest or make their purchase inconvenient. If you want to make your business more convenient and explore ways to advance your business, a digital wallet would is a good starting point.

What You Should Know About Digital Wallets

A digital wallet or e-wallet stores the user’s payment information (their credit card information, passwords, other types of cards, coupons, or tickets). Some of the popular ones you probably have come across are Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Android Pay, Paypal One Touch, Visa Checkout, and more. 

These apps were developed so that users do not have to bring out their physical cards whenever they make an online or in-store purchase. Thanks to digital wallets, their payment information is safely stored. These apps secure the data by providing encryption, requesting passwords, or requiring fingerprint scans before people can purchase. 

This technology makes purchasing a one-tap or one-click process. Aside from quick payment, it also stores loyalty details and online vouchers, placing financial information in one system. 

Why You Should Consider It

If you are a retailer planning to build your digital wallet, you have made the right decision. Here are the advantages you could get from this option:

1. You Provide a More Secure Payment Platform for Your Customers

You may be thinking that having an e-wallet can give your customers a riskier experience. Digital wallets follow strict security protocols—one of which is biometric authentication. 

Another one is by tokenization. The technology turns any sensitive information into data into a random string of characters that make it hard for hackers to decipher. When they make a payment, this series of characters get transported to the bank’s system. Even if their stored data is breached, it would be impossible for the hackers to find out people’s personal information with the key that unlocks the encryption. 

2. Your Customers Enjoy Smaller Transaction Fees

When your customer pays directly to your digital wallet, it eliminates the additional expense and banking fees. Since they would pay you directly, the added step of banking transactions is eliminated in the process, saving them money and time.

At the same time, this technology also helps your business save on expenses. You no longer have to print out physical receipts, invoices, and other store expenses. 

3. They Get an Enhanced Customer Experience

Digital wallets can speed up the online and in-store checkout process, which is always an added convenience. There is no need to line up or repeatedly enter payment information because you can already complete the transaction in one tap. 

Moreover, most digital wallets are designed to allow retailers to provide special offers or discounts to their customers. All these are added benefits for the customer.  


Launching a digital wallet for your business is not just a way to provide your customers with added convenience. It is also for the business’ low operating cost, payment security, and potentially increased sales. Digital wallets are specially designed to benefit all parties involved. If you would like your business to experience the enumerated advantages, consider setting this up for your business. 

Once you have the software, make sure that it works in the best way possible. Let top software testing companies challenge it before you launch. Codoid is one of the top QA companies in the world. We provide automation testing, mobile app testing, performance testing, and data analytics testing to ensure that software would deliver. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.


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