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Software Testing

Software Testing Strategies and Methodologies

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Testing software accurately and using several different approaches is critical to the success and quality of the software. Software testing companies use a number of testing strategies and methodologies to ensure that the application / website ‘behaves’ and performs exactly as it was fashioned and envisioned. These testing strategies and methodologies included end to end testing, system and unit testing – all aimed at ensuring top quality. It is a wise business decision to invest in the services of a renowned software testing company, which will be proficient in using all the testing methods to ensure your product is the best.

Software Testing Strategies and Methodologies

Software testing is conducted at several stages during the development of software, and has many different facets – including defining testing before building and consistent testing. Testers prefer to use automated tests for regular and routine tests in order to save time. The need and objective of using a number of testing strategies and methodologies has to do with ensuring that the software would be able to run optimally in several environments and devices across platforms and operating systems. Software testing is bifurcated into functional and non-functional testing, and these together ensure that only the very best quality software is released to the market, which in turn means that it can be easily adopted by the end users. Functional and non-functional testing using the right strategies and methodologies helps to build a robust and sustainable testing framework.

Unit TestingThis constitutes the first level of testing, and is usually conducted by developers. This step of testing ensures that at the code level the individual ‘units’ of the software function as designed. The developers typically write the test scripts and run the tests before they pass the software or ‘unit’ to the testing team. While manual testing is possible, automating will help to expand test coverage and would speed up delivery cycles. Given that this is an early stage testing, finding bugs and defects would be easier and fixing them would be simpler and faster too. A company offering top software testing services will serve as a guide and leader in all aspects of testing.

Integration TestingPost thorough testing of each unit is completed they would be integrated to create modules or sections crafted to perform specified activities or tasks. Each section is then tested to ensure that they function and ‘behave’ as required and that there is seamless integration between each unit. This testing can be conducted either by developers or testers, and is a combination of both manual and automated tests.

System TestingThis is a black box method of testing and is used to appraise the functioning of the integrated parts as a whole. A separate testing team conducts this end-to-end testing, before the software goes into production.

Acceptance TestingThis is the final phase under functional testing, and is conducted to test the delivery readiness of the software. Acceptance testing ensures the compliance of business requirements and whether the software meets the needs of the end user. Beta testing is to ensure feedback on usability from possible customers and testing by the QA team.

Types of Tests under Non-Functional Testing

Performance TestingThis is conducted to assess the ‘performance’ of an application under varying real user conditions – testing for stability and responsiveness. Performance testing consists of four types of testing:

  • • Load testing The method of applying increasing amounts of replicated usage on the software / application / website to ascertain whether they will withstand the load they are intended to handle.
  • • Stress testing is a further step intended to assess the behavior of the software beyond the peak load – it is a method of testing by purposefully overloading the system until it crashes and is used to ascertain the ‘break’ point of the software and its ‘response’ to this condition.
  • • Endurance testing tests the ability of the software to function over sustained usage and this helps testers to uncover any memory leakages. This is a longer process than load and stress testing.

Security TestingAs cyber-attacks and hacking are increasing, the concern over security of data in software use and storage is growing too.

Security testing aims at uncovering loopholes and possible security risks within the system to prevent unauthorized use and loss of information. This type of testing verifies the following ethics of security: integrity, confidentiality, authenticity, authorization, availability and non-repudiation – thereby covering all aspects of possible breaches.

Mobile App Security Testing

Compatibility Testing This tests how suited / harmonious the software or application would be in varying environments such as operating systems, platforms, browsers, devices or resolution configurations. This is necessary since customers would use the software or application as per their convenience.

Usability TestingSince applications and software are produced for an end user, it would make sense to test the ease of use and performance excellence from the perspective of the user. The design, aesthetics, navigation, and speed must meet the expectations of users, making usability testing a critical part of the overall testing methodologies.


Since software testing is a fundamental activity for system development, testing must be meticulously planned, using a gamut of strategies and methodologies. Without robust testing your business could end losing revenue and a large part of its invaluable customer base. Your business would need a trusted partner to drive testing, and deliver top quality software, optimally using the strategies, methodologies and tools, and yet keeping to budget and timelines. If you seek such a value added partner, connect with us today.


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