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Undertake These Activities before Testing Software

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Undertake These Activities before Testing Software - Blog
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While software testing is extremely critical to ensure a top quality product, there are certain activities required before undertaking testing. Some of these steps are boring and challenging, but as a leading software testing company, we endorse the conducting of these activities. For a software product to meet and exceed business and technical requirements, pre-testing and testing activities are essential. Testing software is not only about finding and fixing bugs – it is a whole gamut of activities, and hence requires intense and meticulous planning. There are certain activities recommended as part of this planning, which would help any tester to conduct in-depth and focused software testing.

Remember there is always documentation from earlier testingDocumentation is an essential portion of testing and every experienced tester would prepare a set of documents capturing the series of events in a testing exercise. To become an expert tester, it is imperative to first read the set of documents to better grasp the system being tested. Codoid as an expert QA company prepares detailed documentation, and also recommends that every newbie tester goes through the documentation at their disposal before embarking on the testing journey. Reading the documents helps to ask the right questions and prepare a case for the team lead enlisting their understanding of the requirements from the testing exercise. Yes, we agree this task is possibly one of the most mundane and onerous ones, but is indispensable to the success of testing regimes. The truth is the greater the understanding of the system being tested, the easier it would be to test and find and fix bugs.

Time to Script your Test

Equipped with the knowledge got from the test documentation, testers are better equipped to write a detailed test case. The good part of being ‘fresh on the testing scene’ is that there would be an experienced tester/reviewer taking a good look at the test case created. The reviewer would be able to point out the great and not so good parts of the test, which would help to rewrite the portions that need tweaking. This too is a great learning opportunity however cumbersome and challenging it may appear at first.

Undertake These Activities before Testing Software

Dive into Regression Testing ActivitiesPost creating a test, it is imperative to re-run previously written test cases – we are certain to conduct these regression testing activities, even as software testing experts. The reason this activity is so important is that it helps tests understand that certain functions may be altered, and hence the tests scripted by them would not be accurate. It would be necessary to go back ‘to the drawing board’ and script fresh tests to match the current functionalities within the system. We as a top software testing company reiterate that this activity is not fun, but is definitely not one that can be ignored.

Next is Exploratory TestingAs experienced software testers, we can safely say that this is one of the more interesting testing activities! This form of pre-testing activity allows you to use your enthusiasm and skills to assess and imagine the various scenarios of use by customers and the possible things that could go awry. It is vital to allocate sufficient time for this activity – fun and necessary.

Caught the Bug With all the efforts expended by testers, bug will soon come to the fore and be uncovered. This is a really fun activity, since here is when fixing them puts all the skills of a tester into practice. However, while this may be an interesting activity, it is no mean task and must be handled with dexterity since it is critical to success.

In Conclusion:

Post all the activities mentioned, lastly it would be necessary for all those involved to meet and discuss the findings, solutions, the testing strategy, and reporting of the details in a meticulously drafted document. As a new tester these tips will help to gain better control of the actual testing of a system. We at Codoid are highly experienced in all realms of software testing – pre, during, and post, and this is a way of sharing our expertise with fresh testers. For businesses, connect with us to leverage our skills in a wide range of activities and testing requirements.


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