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Why Automated Testing Cannot Fully Replace Manual Testing

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There has been an apparent shift in Software Engineering and software testing, remarkably how practices have changed from manual to automated. Due to the advancements in artificial technology, machine learning, and automation tools, many manual testers fear that automated testing will soon replace manual testing completely. However, that could not be further from the truth.

Why Manual Testing Is Still Necessary

Many technicians believe that the shift from manual to automated testing is practiced globally. However, automation can only really substitute manual testing to an extent, meaning the latter still has a relevant role that automated testing cannot do. 

With that said, there remain critical areas that need manual supervision. Below are some instances of when manual testing is necessary and other situations when it can be replaced by automated testing.

Areas That Require Manual Testing

Manual testing must not be replaced when it is the requirement to create an ideal testing, such as the following:

User Experience

User experience (UX) is anchored on human interaction, so expert manual testing is crucial for imitating user behavior and analyzing software based on user needs and demands. 

Using manual testing leads to a better UX, which is almost unattainable by automated testing unless with the help of a highly trained artificial intelligence (AI).

Small Projects

The cost of implementing automated testing is higher than traditional methods of manual testing. So, having high installation costs of automated testing for a small project means you’re wasting money and sacrificing efficiency. 

Minute Details

Automation works best on predetermined testing procedures. Most of the time, it is not customizable. While the results can be faster, it can neglect tiny details that may negatively impact the software.

So, manual testing is used to remove any bugs that may have been ignored during automated testing. It’s important to catch these errors before the software goes live, which manual testing can do.

Maintenance Costs

Automated testing requires high maintenance costs, so automation might not fit the budget of a small organization. If that’s the case, manual testing is preferred over automated methods to escape high expenses.

Areas That Automated Testing Can Substitute For

Manual testing should be replaced with automation when it does not fit the requirements of ideal testing in quality assurance (QA), such as the following:

Repetitive Steps

Automated testing is ideal for repetitive steps that do not require manual expertise and supervision. Automating these steps within the testing process saves many QA companies time, workforce, and energy.

Elimination of Human Errors

A highly trained artificial intelligence can be superior to human intelligence, preventing any errors in the software testing process. This aspect makes automated testing more beneficial than manual testing, with the latter more prone to human mistakes.

Complicated Coding

Automated testing is designed to work on all kinds of programs and coding, especially complicated ones. That is another example of when manual testing is less effective and valuable, especially when coding is also new to the testers.


Manual and automated testing have their own advantages and disadvantages, but neither can replace the other to the full extent. While many QA companies favor automated over manual testing, the latter is still crucial in many areas and can never be totally replaced. 

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