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Why Testing Early & Testing Frequently Is Critical for Your Business

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Why Testing Early & Testing Frequently Is Critical for Your Business - Blog
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The term vote early, vote often is usually a cynical reference to unethical electoral behavior. However applied to testing and QA services, the ‘early and often’ formula is a desirable and salutary! Today, when testing has to keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology and shorter release cycles, a QA company has to equip itself with the tools for “testing early and testing frequently”.

Testing Frequently

When a software testing company adopts this as a standard strategy, testing processes become speedier, more useful and relevant for all stakeholders. This is particularly relevant in an agile testing scenario; to identify potential glitches and reduce their future impact.

Why software testing services recommend testing early & testing frequently A business wants to be able to identify software vulnerabilities, instabilities and optimize quality and ease of use via testing. It is the job of a QA testing company to assess the performance and speed of an application or piece of software and to gauge its usability and quality. By testing early, it is possible to detect glitches and weaknesses early in the testing and development cycle. When testing is done in shorter, more frequent cycles, this helps with continuous quality maintenance and integration; helping to reduce cost and save time.

One of the main aims of using QA services is to identify and address actual and potential threats to a software platform. With a new threat emerging practically daily, testing companies have their work cut out for them; keeping themselves informed about and armed against viruses, ransom-ware, malicious adware and other types of disruptive malware.

Testing Frequently

Regression testing services benefit from early and frequent testing in particular. Since this type of testing examines the older and existing functionalities of an app or piece of software, it is highly beneficial for apps that need ongoing and frequent modifications. It goes without saying, that the best QA Company would be well aware of the importance of early and frequent testing in these scenarios and will offer the sort of functional testing services that ensure compliance with specified functional requirements of a client. If regression testing is best facilitated via early and continuous testing, so is the effective incorporation of innovations and new ideas. Smart problem solving, finding ways around gaps and glitches, and keeping pace with changing market demands can all be facilitated with this type of habitual testing.

Early and frequent testing using automated and manual testing modalities additionally clarifies team and individual responsibilities to achieve optimal cross team efficiency. Another vital benefit of frequent testing is that tester teams are able to keep track of changing code; so that it can be upgraded and made relevant for the software’s end users. Critical functions, complex algorithms and codes are better sorted through early and continuous testing.

The business environment is a constantly changing and unpredictable one. A progressive and flexible business model; in other words an ‘agile’ system is highly desirable for remaining current and relevant in the rapidly evolving market. As such, a QA company has to constantly upgrade its skill set and that of its testers to keep pace with and possibly predict these changes.

For its part, opting for early and frequent testing can be the biggest favour a business can do for itself.


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