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Why Businesses must Care about Progressive Web Applications

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Why Businesses must Care about Progressive Web Applications - Blog
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Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are poised to transform the business landscape in the near future because of the increasing use of mobile devices. These app-like websites can enable businesses to improve their online presence and expand their customer base.

Progressive Web Applications

Several companies such as Twitter, Ola, Book My Show, Alibaba, Tinder, and Flipkart pioneered the use of progressive web apps. The accomplishments of these companies underscore the wide-ranging advantages of progressive web apps from a business perspective. Specifically, businesses must care about progressive web apps due to the following reasons, and must partner with a professional and expert software testing company to insure the success of their web applications.

Low Cost of Development

In terms of the software development costs for businesses, progressive web apps are cheaper to build than native apps. Developers need to build just one version of the app for use on different devices like desktops, smartphones, laptops and tablets. The reduced efforts of the developers in building a progressive app entail a low cost of app development for a business.

Easy Usability by Customers

Progressive web apps are easy to use and Google Chrome, Opera and other Chromium-based web browsers support them. These apps are also easily accessible on several devices. Web application testing companies endorse the use of progressive web apps by businesses since these apps allow customers to navigate a website speedily and with ease. Customers can quickly install progressive web apps on the home screen of their devices and can even save the apps as a shortcut for gaining instant access. In addition, the apps can be operated offline as well.

Reduced Friction for Customers

A progressive web app reduces friction for customers since they do not have to be concerned about additional data consumption linked to the downloading of an app. Customers who want to find information on a particular business can launch to the business webpage instantly, without the tedious process of downloading and waiting. Even in the event of low storage memory on a device, these apps can be used without any problem.

Attractive User Interface

Progressive web apps are user-friendly online sites with an attractive, minimal user interface created using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. These apps are an excellent amalgamation of the best characteristics of mobile apps and websites – they look and feel the same as mobile apps and unfold a superlative website performance. They also provide an advanced user experience for navigation and interaction, which is beneficial for both businesses and their customers.

Full Native App Functionality

The design and settings of progressive web apps are similar to those of native mobile apps built in on Android and IOS. Hence, progressive apps are flexible in the same way as native apps and simulate the ‘behaviour’ of native apps. In addition, progressive apps also offer full native app functionality, including push notifications, which serve to increase engagement levels of customers with a business.

Business Expansion to New Markets

The use of progressive web apps can enable businesses to expand to new markets. These apps have a wider reach since consumers tend to navigate hundreds of websites each month. Additionally, since these apps can load fast, irrespective of the strength of the Internet signal, businesses can venture into developing markets where only 2G speeds may be available currently.

Quick Software Adjustments

Businesses can make quick adjustments to progressive web apps in case of a software flaw or defect, so that updated app versions become available to customers without any time lags. Quick adjustments are possible because progressive web apps eliminate the time-consuming process of sending refreshed app builds to the app stores.

Quick Software Adjustments PWA

Hence, when a software testing company detects a critical bug for a business in its progressive web app, the developers can fix the bug immediately. The fresh content becomes available to customers automatically when they connect to the Web the next time.

Secure App Environment

The use of progressive web apps ensures a secure app environment for customers since the HTTPS protocol ensures the security of user data. QA testing companies also recommend the use of these apps by businesses because they contain a JS Object Notation file that allows the developers to control the mechanism for the display of the app to the customers. Furthermore, with progressive web app development, businesses can build a fast solution with which customer information is stored quickly into the browser and the app.

In Conclusion:

It is an established fact that progressive web applications can prove beneficial for businesses, especially when they do not have adequate resources to design a native app. Since progressive web apps have an app-like design and interface, customers who are familiar with using apps can easily connect with a brand via these apps. Evidently, progressive web apps are a worthwhile option for businesses that want to gain and retain new customers. Connect with us today and discover the benefits of these apps and a lot more.


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