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Why is Automation Testing for Web Apps Necessary?

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Why is Automation Testing for Web Apps Necessary?

The internet today is an inextricable part of our daily lives and an indispensable part of the competitive and volatile business world. In the realm of business, the internet is a source of information and data on companies and their business. Hence, hosting a company website is now mandatory and quintessential to the success of any business – it is a way to stay relevant and ‘visible’. However, simply hosting a web application today does not suffice – it needs to be accessible, user-friendly, and edifying. This cannot happen automatically – a web application requires automation testing and regular maintenance. It must be checked end-to-end before it goes live, and must be tested for faults regularly. Automation testing for web apps thus becomes necessary, and the good news is that there are some top class QA companies offering functionality testing and automation testing – the leaders in the realm of web application testing.

High quality automation testing services for web applications includes several tests – functionality, usability, interface, performance, security, and compatibility. Software testing companies, with in-depth experience and a skilled team will be able to perform all the tests, speedily and within stipulated timelines.


Top Reasons for Web Application Automated Testing

Huge saving on time Automated test suites that are well executed take a lot less time than testing a web application manually. In addition, automated tests with a wide coverage will allow monitoring and tracking all the functionalities of the website, which in the long run will ensure that breakdowns are minimal and that the website runs smoothly on all devices. The purpose of a website is to ensure that your business is visible, and that users have an uninterrupted experience when using it.

Cost Reduction While the initial cost may seem greater than a manual testing, automated testing in the long haul actually brings down the overall cost of developing and maintaining the site. For example – if you decide to change your web application and or the functionalities, and want to add new portions complementing the existing ones, manual testing would require a huge number of hours to check everything again. Automated testing is a lot faster, taking a few minutes, even if you wish to add tests to cover new functionalities.

Human Error Reduced In manual testing, reliance on human ability and memory is high – which is why the potential for missing out, overseeing, or forgetting to check something, becomes very real. In addition, possible issues in the existing code, that could arise from a new functionality.

Automated testing ensures that testers remain aware of what was and was not tested – it may seem simple, but larger and more complex websites go through several templates, code lines, and innumerable outcomes for users in terms of what they do with the website. Even one tiny error could lead to problems in the working of the website, resulting in poor user experience. A properly written and well executed test suite becomes essential – automation rules.

Code Coverage and Regression Testing Automated tests take less time during reruns and retesting – repeating the same tests, especially for functionalities that are complex. With automated testing, one can choose parts of the website to automate, focus on quality during changes in the project (regression testing), and check on whether anything changed post integration. Automated tests help find bugs and errors early on – leading to a top quality web application.


As frontrunners in the automation testing services realm, we care about the quality of your projects and know that automated testing is the way to go. These tests easily and instantly detect changes in the ‘behavior’ of platforms, operating systems, and browsers, while ensuring that the website and app do exactly what they are meant to and stay ‘true’ to their specifications. Connect with us today to know why automation testing is the way to go!


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