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Game Testing

How to Effectively Test Mobile Games

The game testers need to ensure that your game's performance remains the same on all the devices and graphics stay intact and clear.

How to Effectively Test Mobile Games
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With the gaming world expanding day-by-day, the game testing industry is also expanding with this time. People are actually getting paid for playing mobile games in order to test them, and this method is getting pace with each day. Moreover, it is not only about playing games while sitting on your couch, but it is about performing different tests on the game to know more about its design and gameplay.

However, there are some key areas that you can follow to test a game. The list is given below with a brief description.

Interface Testing

The first thing that the developers should test is the interface, as it is that feature that appears first when a game opens/starts. In this testing phase, you can view how does the game looks? How is the user-interface? Is it user-friendly or not?

You can start from the onboarding point because this section lays the first impression of the game. If this section is too long, it will bore your customer, and he will end up switching to some other game with a better start.

The layout of the elements present on the main page of the game should be clear, well arranged, and these elements should adjust themselves according to the screen of the cell phone.

Graphics Performance

Even if your UI is great and the layout is amazing, if your graphics are not up to the standard, you are not getting the right attraction. The game testers need to ensure that your game’s performance remains the same on all the devices and graphics stay intact and clear. A slight issue can put the gamer off, and he/she is not coming back to play your game.

Security Testing

After testing how the game will be played and how its graphics will be on every supported device, then comes the part where the game’s security must be tested. Game Testers must ensure that the ads and other third-party gateways must not be used by the hackers to intrude into the user’s cellphone and take away all the data.

This security testing has become a make or break area for the developers because everyone loves their privacy. If a hacker can hack into your phone with the help of a game, we are sure you will never play that game again.

External Devices

Nobody wants to keep playing a game on a small screen, and those who play games non-stop want the cell phones to be connected with bigger screens. Game Testers should ensure the devices’ smooth attachment to the bigger screen and then the streamlined working of the game.

Functional Testing

This kind of testing can help you to know when your game is performing high and when it is going low. With this test’s help, you can work on the performance, graphics, and compatibility of your game with different devices.


Overall, we have listed the most important tests, but there are some more which the game testers can adopt while testing the game. You can perform tests like Performance, Localization, and many other tests.


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