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The Importance of QA and Testing in Mobile App Development

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Although technology has rapidly evolved to make application building more accessible and efficient, it doesn’t mean that it’s possible to create one without ever encountering bugs or errors. Apart from technical malfunctions, unexpected circumstances, and classic human error, anything can go wrong while developing your mobile app. 

Ironing out all kinks and squashing bugs is essential to your app’s success. Getting rid of them before they interrupt your users’ experience of your app will ensure a smooth launch and increase your chances of earning high ratings and positive reviews. Fortunately, by making your app undergo rigorous quality assurance and testing while it’s in the development stage, you can detect any bugs early on and resolve them right away.

Why You Should Test Your App Before Its Release

Having full faith in your app is essential, but putting it through the wringer under mobile app testing companies’ experienced hands will identify glaring errors and bugs that can interfere with your plans to succeed. Early detection also means you have enough time to find a solution before launching the app.

With quality assurance and mobile testing, you can guarantee that the app functions as intended on multiple devices and operating systems, ensuring compatibility. You can also make sure that the app uses UI/UX design that your audience will appreciate, encouraging them to use the app more. Testing the app and its user experience is also possible, allowing you to determine the navigation’s usability. By subjecting your mobile app to testing and quality assurance, your app will be ready to hit the store and be downloaded by millions of users worldwide. 

Not All Mobile Developers Offer Testing and Quality Assurance

While mobile app developers ultimately bring your vision to life, they don’t always know how to test your app and make sure it performs well. Some developers skip this crucial stage entirely to move on to their next project and save time, making it essential to seek performance testing services.

Unfortunately, you usually don’t find out that your mobile app developer doesn’t offer this service until your app is ready to launch, which means you’ll have to backpedal and resolve a possibly long list of maintenance issues. Finding this out when you’re ready to debut your app is incredibly frustrating, so make sure you ask your developer to perform thorough testing and quality assurance while they’re developing your app. If they decline, it’s best to seek the best app testing services instead. 

The Different Types of Mobile App Testing

Your app has several different aspects, requiring a special kind of testing to make sure everything is working as it should. There’s the functionality testing, which makes sure that the user can successfully install the app and confirm that it can handle many different circumstances like updates, interruptions, and other similar scenarios. There’s also performance testing, which determines how well your app reacts to requests, its loading time, its stability over time, how it handles increased traffic and a sudden increase in users.

Usability testing allows designers to study the app’s various functions and the kind of experience the user will receive by using the app. This type of testing will experiment with how well the colors, text, layout, navigation, and the ability to reopen the app after closing it will perform. Next is the compatibility testing, which checks the app’s compatibility with different operating systems, devices, and other aspects. It will also look at network compatibility.

Security testing considers two aspects: the users’ security and the app data’s security. This kind of testing will restrict the threat of data breaches and unauthorized access. Lastly, localization testing is vital for making sure your mobile app comfortably presents in different languages and cultures.


Every app needs quality assurance and testing to survive. Without it, it will have gaping holes that will leave users and data vulnerable, be full of glitches, and have many bugs and errors that will render it unusable. By prioritizing QA and testing, you’ll polish your app and make sure it lives up to your expectations and ideals of success.

Codoid is the industry leader in quality assurance and testing, making it one of the best QA companies around. Our app and performance testing services will guarantee that your app is bug-free and ready to hit the app store. It’s always best to test with us, so contact us today to find out what we can do for your app!


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