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App Development: How to Improve Your App’s User Experience

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Mobile apps are designed to be easy-to-use and straightforward since they have more restricting interfaces, unlike desktop applications. For this reason, good User Experience (UX) design can be more challenging if you’re working under limitations. Since UX is a significant component in judging an app’s success, your app development process should avoid making unintentional critical mistakes.

The dangers of poor User Experience (UX) design

Your app’s UX design plays a crucial role in making it a successful component of your business’s revenue stream. Many companies use apps as an effective way to service customers, from customer help desk interactions to official product and service purchases. Any inefficiencies in these processes can lead to a decrement in productivity and customer retention, mainly due to a poorly designed app. For this reason, it’s vital to identify how you can improve your app’s UX design by focusing on the right features.

If you want to make a user-friendly app, here are three features you should improve on:

Better navigation options

People who use mobile apps expect a simplistic user experience. If you try to cram in too much information on one screen, you can unintentionally overwhelm your users.

Mobile layouts put you on limited screens that can only contain so much information. For this reason, it’s best to avoid too many visual and textual elements within one screen. Additionally, you should avoid multiple menu options that contain too many extra links. Going for a minimalistic approach with fewer buttons and more white spaces allows you to trim down the journey of jumping from one screen to another.

Highlight your call-to-action

Simpler navigation options depend on proper layout and design. The easier you can highlight your call-to-action (CTA) buttons, the less likely your app users will have difficulty moving from one step to the next. There are numerous ways to integrate CTAs in desktop interfaces. You can design it in creative ways, from pop-up banners to highlighted buttons. However, mobile app users expect as few taps or clicks necessary when going from one screen to another.

Cutting down unnecessary steps is an excellent way to make your CTA easier to spot and use. For example, eCommerce apps always have conveniently placed “add to cart” and “checkout” buttons visible on almost all their screens. This allows the user to shop comfortably without jumping through several screens.

Focus on inclusivity

Good UX design knows how to cater to its audience by being accessible to people in different demographics. This includes people who have disabilities or who could have difficulties in navigating through your app’s interface. You can make your app more accessible through something simple like making palette options that are easier for people with visual impairments. Having a language select option is also a great way to cater to non-English speaking users, especially if your business is operating internationally.


It can be more difficult to spot your app’s weaknesses by using and viewing it as the developer. Some processes and functional decisions can seem intuitive to you but alienate others who are new to the app. This is why it’s necessary to get a professional app developer to give you a second opinion. Allowing app experts to point out your output’s strengths and weaknesses lets you be a step closer to making your app ready for use to the public.

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