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Supporting Mobile Testing – Part of Overall Testing Strategy

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Supporting Mobile Testing Part of Overall Testing Strategy Codoid Blog
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If as a company you believe that your business does not need mobile app testing services, then may be the fact, that ‘88% users abandon apps and never return because of bugs, errors, and defects’, will change your mind. This is true despite all the effort put in by companies to design and test their mobile apps. Many companies have wasted precious resources and suffered setbacks to their reputation owing to poor mobile apps. Frustrated users not only stop using the app, they would also post negative reviews, which could further create problems for a business by negatively impacting their reputation. Companies in addition, need to focus on their core business and hence outsourcing mobile app testing to a high quality mobile app testing company would be a sound business investment. While bugs and glitches could prove to be major problems for a company not in business of mobile app testing, a company with QA testing discipline would find it easy to resolve current and possible future issues.

Supporting Mobile Testing

When setting the testing strategy for mobile applications, business owners must include mobile app testing services in the overall strategy. Using QA testing experts helps a business to partner with focused, methodical, and highly experienced individuals with a passion to ‘serve up’ the highest quality mobile apps. It would be helpful to prepare an in-house team consisting of product managers and user experience experts, who would work cohesively with your outsourced partner. This would help to gain both company and expert perspectives to synchronize, and lead to more efficient and user-friendly mobile apps.

Mobile app testing would be incomplete without QA specialists, even though some may argue that it is the developers that matter. The more lines of code that are created, the more number of points of failure and defects are possible.

Supporting Mobile Testing

It is the QA testers who will prevent and reduce these failures from becoming major issues, and creating a product that would be befitting for your customer base. QA testers must be part of the mobile testing strategy to review the requirements, analyze design, and test cases early and repeatedly to ensure a near perfect product.

Another part of the overall testing strategy for mobile app testing is selecting the right mobile device for the purpose of actual testing. Users would operate mobile apps across platforms, on several different devices, and on a number of operating systems – this ‘variety’ can prove to be challenging for a business to understand the kind of application they must develop, which can run across these variations. Even QA testers find this highly challenging, but an experienced team dedicated to mobile testing services would be able to provide custom solutions for a business and its mobile app.

Testing network connectivity is another critical aspect of the overall mobile app testing strategy, and expert testers would be able to test the application across networks and speeds and Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile communication standards. These qualified teams would also be able to test the application to understand its ‘behavior’ in the event of sudden network transitions – from higher to lower speeds. In addition, testers would also need to include situations where a user experiences a sudden loss of connectivity.

Smart and experienced mobile testing companies will be proactive about including interrupting conditions in the testing strategy. These ‘conditions’ include a call or SMS or any other forms of messages while the app is being used, and it is the job of a tester to include the app’s behavior during such interruptions.

Lastly, but extremely critical to include in the overall testing strategy is security and safety of the app. Pointing towards some horrific truths are stats that surround mobile app testing, and it is therefore essential to the success of the app and a business that the aspect of security is treated as priority. Security testing by an experienced mobile app testing company would include the exposure that the data within the app contains – need to check for data flow and storage point. In addition, checking for possibility of data leaks between logs would also be the responsibility of the mobile app tester.

In Conclusion

Mobile testers play a critical role as part of the overall strategy, especially with regard to user interface and experience. It is important to ensure that UI testing includes the working of the app, seamless usability, and alignment to the objectives and requirements of the business it supports. User Interface must be free of bugs, and hence UI testing is as critically important to the SDLC as is any other phase. Top class UI and UX will ensure that users stay connected, and would be happy to spread a positive word of mouth, thereby increases the user base for the company. A robust testing strategy is essential to develop a successful and sustainable mobile application, and when you connect with us, we will put together a strong mobile application testing plan to get your app the recognition and user base it deserves.


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