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Performance Testing

Best reasons to Invest in Performance Testing

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Performance testing is a type of testing executes to determine the performance of the software system like its response time, stability & scalability. A system might be working well with a select number of users when a couple of thousands of users use the system in a peak traffic session, there might be some issues that can adversely impact the software, causing inconvenience and an unpleasant user experience.

Invest in Performance Testing

In the rapidly advancing technology, there is no place or demand for applications that do not gratify the user expectations and hence enterprises cannot go by the adage “slow and steady wins the race” when it comes to their technology. Performance testing provides solutions to problems such as inefficient and slow applications, especially when used simultaneously by several users and when there seem to be inconsistencies across the different operating systems.

Invest in Performance Testing because it is Critical

Improves Response Timings Performance Testing builds and improves the speed of an application. A slow and inefficient system will never attract vast audiences. In fact, a poor system will serve to alienate viewers and restrict their usage of the application or website – which would not bode well for business. Performance testing checks the speed and improves performance, thus ensuring that the application works smoothly even under stress conditions.

Upgrades Scalability Performance Testing enhances the application’s ability to handle the increasing pressure by users without performance degradation. Enhancing scalability will help a system / application to handle future growth and the necessary requirements that would come with it. As competition grows within digital space, performance testing proves indispensable to strengthen applications to support future upgrades and modifications necessary for scalability of the application.

Enhances Stability It is crucial to identify the working of an application not only in its initial stage but during its entire ‘life’ and under stress conditions. The application must be stable and provide results with consistency to the audience irrespective of any changes in its features. Performance testing and the experts in the is realm can ensure improved and sustained stability of an application.

Improve Functionality of Application Performance Testing strengthens the functionality of application under real-world conditions by various experiments on the system, such as:

Load Testing – Testing the ability and response time of the system by exerting ‘load’ – this would determine the behaviour of the application when accessed simultaneoulsy by multiple. This test ascertains the maximum amount of load an application can withstand.

Stress Testing – This testing examines the potential of the system to withstand or overcome adverse conditions, while verifying its stability and reliability. The test evaluates how the system works under intense load conditions.

For Websites Supporting Direct Customer Interaction-Performance testing is a vital element for websites of companies that have a direct interaction with customers such as e-commerce, banking, and others. Companies are known to incur huge losses in the event of a website malfunction / crash. Even if the functionality is adequate, without proper and seamless performance and navigation, it is unlikely that users will stay – abandonment rates are high for such sites. Site and page loading speed are amongst the most critical factors for business websites, and if not considered and optimized accordingly, there is usually a significant negative impact on the bottomline of a business.

Eliminate bottlenecks and Improve Quality-Bottlenecks refer to both an overloaded network and where one component is unable to keep pace with the rest of the system, thus slowing overall performance. The purpose of performance testing is to find bugs or defects, and to provide solutions to eliminate them. With the fast pace of the world today, users want and expect a reliable and fast application. Performance testing ensures that applications perform optimally and are of a high standard. Testing ensures that all bottlenecks are identified and removed before they pose as a risk in terms of cost and the image of a company.

In Conclusion

The success of businesses depend largely on the websites and applications they create, and performance testing ensures that these methods remain seamlessly functional. An expert and professionally run outsourced QA company would not only help your company with framing testing objectives in line with the business goals, but would know exactly which technologies, software testing tools, and infrastructure would work best. To give your business the most robust and responsive website and applications, connect with our experts today.


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