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The Real Value of Performance Testing Before Going Live

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Quality assurance (QA) services are necessary to ensure that any product or service you are putting out there is at its best possible state before you release it. In terms of software delivery, you need to make sure you have proper QA performance testing before you go live.

A lot of people tend to take a lot of shortcuts during this phase because of the notion that there can always be updates and fixes down the line. That said, there are real benefits to conducting thorough performance testing before you go live. Let’s discuss some of its advantages.

Your First Impression On Users Has a Better Chance

People will remember your launch state whether you like it or not. Clients will base their impression on the quality of your app or service upon going live, and their opinion will affect the perception of other potential consumers.

Proper QA performance testing before you go live means that your users will be more likely to have the best first impression. You want to get the best possible version of your product or service so that any feedback from the launch will just work on other tweaks and improvements.

A bad launch can stick with your name even when you make significant improvements over time.

You Can Get Better Performance Before Launch

QA services and performance testing can determine how well your product or service will fare in the real world. Once you’re out, it’s up to the users to determine how well your app or service runs.

Performance testing highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of your software, so you get the chance to make necessary adjustments, additions, and subtractions to streamline performance.

You Can Optimize Capacity

You can determine how many concurrent users your app or service can handle. It’s good to establish limitations and scalability right away, so you can make necessary adjustments for its live state.

You want to find the optimal amount of concurrent users and server usage so you can accommodate them without compromising the security or functionality of your product or service. It’s also good to know that this information is crucial to determine how well your app or service will fare when used or accessed by many people. 

You Can Prepare For Expected Challenges

Testing how your product or service will fare with different devices, screen sizes, and environments lets you prepare for some of the challenges that may arise once you’re in the real world.

Even though you may not have all the time and resources to make your launch bug-proof, this can still help you have a head start on solutions toward expected hiccups.

You Can Eliminate Problems and Start Working on Scalability

Performance testing also lets you know how well your app or service can handle and accommodate different types of traffic and brings bugs and other problems to the surface.

This is a big help so that you don’t waste extra resources when you go live trying to eliminate problems that could be avoided already.


The performance testing process is essential for maximizing your results when you go live. The best QA companies will be able to provide the right services so you can have a thorough preparation.

Codoid is one of the top QA companies in the industry because of our passion to help guide and lead the Quality Assurance community. Reach out to us for robust testing solutions.


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