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QA an Indispensable Part of the Development Team

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In the software development process, the development teams and the QA teams share a symbiotic link that is crucial for ensuring fast delivery of a high-quality software product. It is vital for software companies opting for the implementation of an Agile process that developers and QA analysts should work together in a well-coordinated manner.

QA testing is a significant component of the software development process because it can define the potential success of a software product. When QA is part of the development team, it can ensure a quicker fixing of bugs as well as greater control over product quality and up-to-date product releases. In general, QA is an indispensable part of the software development team – we will highlight some of the reasons.

QA an Indispensable Part of the Development

Shared Understanding of Requirements

The incorporation of QA in the development process paves the way for a shared understanding of requirements. As a result, requirements are well-organized, precise, clear, consistent, and feasible. The expert testers at a QA outsourcing company make efforts to keep stories small and independent from the start and get easy access to important elements such as designs and flows. Testers can also quickly apprise the developers about the anticipated behavior of the product features, while developers can increase the efficiency of QA by sharing insight into custom controls.

Reduced Risk of High Severity Bugs

The focus on good testable requirements at the beginning of software development lowers the risk of high severity bugs later on. QA teams gain deep knowledge about the origins of the features of an in-development software product. They can better understand the product, the business goals, and the user gains. With this understanding, they can create tests that are more accurate in order to detect and fix issues and bugs early in the development phase.

Increased Focus on Creative Solutions Early in Development

The collaboration between development and testing teams encourages both the teams to focus on creative solutions to all problems. Testers can ask several questions from the developers while tackling various issues during the testing process. The persistent questions raised by testers can lead to valuable decisions that can help in spotting the gaps in development, averting risks early on, evaluating the consequences for the product, and considering the impact on the final product quality.

QA an Indispensable Part of the Development

Creation of Amazing Products by Developers

With Quality Assurance services available during the development process, developers can concentrate on the creation of amazing products, that is, on actual software development. They are not bogged down with other tasks such as explaining requirement specifications, conveying details and changes, and maintaining documentation. In addition, developers do are not required to dwell on edge cases when requirements are still not clear. They can design software keeping test automation in focus.

Transparency in Communication

The presence of QA in the development team leads to transparent communication between the developers and the testers given the constant discussions. Testers can regularly seek information from developers about objectives and reasons, thereby ensuring that the requirements are properly communicated across the team. Effective communication reduces friction in the development process and ensures that the spotlight remains on business goals and end-user expectations.

Cost-efficient Software Development

Some software development companies may think that QA testing can increase the cost of the final product. However, it is essential to assess the cost factor alongside the benefits of quality and comprehensive testing of the software in development. QA can actually make the development process cost efficient given that errors can be fixed in the early stages of development. In contrast, there can be a sharp increase in the operating costs of a company if errors are discovered and would need to be fixed when the product nears completion.

Timely Delivery of Software Product

The services offered by a professional software testing company can be very beneficial for a software development project in terms of avoiding unexpected delays in delivery timelines. The joint efforts of QA and development teams unfold an excellent testing approach that leads to reduced testing timeframes. More specifically, the elimination of potential errors in the initial development stage guarantees that there are no disruptions in the project in the later stages.

In Conclusion

QA is an important part of the development team given its ability to augment the software development process and substantially enhance the quality of the product. The entwined development and testing processes in the present-day Agile environments allow QA teams to provide speedy feedback on bugs to the developers owing to automated testing. QA teams can also set up a suite of relevant regression tests and improve productivity by facilitating automation of reuse tests. Overall, the inclusion of QA in the development team can ensure the release of a flawless and usable software product to the end users – connect with us for all this and more.


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