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The Rationale Behind Why Companies Choose to Outsource QA Efforts

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The Rationale Behind Why Companies Choose to Outsource QA Efforts - Blog
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Software development companies know that innovation will give them a competitive edge against competitors. To ensure a high quality of code, you should separate the development process from QA testing. A user-centric trend, along with customer-focused digital transformation initiatives, like DevOps, Agile, and Cloud technology, has transformed the way software Quality Assurance (QA) testing is done. Outsourcing initially cut costs, but now it is an efficient way to achieve business goals. A dedicated QA company can ensure that your software development process runs smoothly.
Outsource QA services

Here are some reasons to outsource to an experienced Software Testing services company like Codoid:

Domain expertise and business scaling

Bugs in your software application can lead to severe implications when critical data is shared. So, hire technical engineers to code new applications and add innovative features while you outsource QA testing. Domain experts verify your app for regulatory compliance and safety. A software testing partner will evaluate your software critically and enable you to push products into the market at the correct time and avoid data vulnerability and losses to revenue and reputation for your company.

Protect source code and engagement models

Develop an outsourcing plan by selecting effective engagement models by including business strategy and geographical location. An incremental style of outsourcing will allow you to negate risks by dividing work into smaller, manageable projects, while total outsourcing will involve multiple projects assigned to a service provider. Outsource your QA requirements and ensure that your intellectual property rights cannot be compromised. Don’t share source codes as the QA testing team will be analyzing the app only from an end-user perspective.

Configuration, change management, and objective analysis

A third-party QA services company maintains a comprehensive change and configuration management system that provides agility to the entire process. Having a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) can improve quality, speed to market, and lower cost of ownership. DevOps approach in the QA team integrates the process of development and testing as a shared function, and it requires the right automation tools, resources, and expertise.

Strict deadlines and 360-degree quality assurance

The best QA companies can identify gaps in test processes, assess testing requirements, and implement positive changes at an affordable rate. They can help software development companies test a diversified product portfolio through unbiased testing. If bugs are found during the implementation vs. the production phase, it can cost less to fix and expedite processes to meet project deadlines. By outsourcing QA testing, you can concentrate on core competencies through Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) and focus on the development process.

QA automation through the flexibility of resources

Advancements in technology have automated several parts of software testing, and companies that plan to outsource can leverage the benefits through a qualified team with hands-on experience in automated QA tools and techniques. Faster release cycles are possible, and you can reduce the deployment of resources and pay for what you need when you outsource QA testing.

Mitigation of risks and cost-effective

Testing is validated by a team of experts who conduct risk assessments across domains with state-of-the-art testing infrastructure to ensure your product’s performance and quality are high when deployed. Outsourced QA and software testing with maintenance comes at a fraction of the cost than when you hire a complete in-house team.


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