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Enhance Software Testing with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

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The competition today in every industry and business is mind-boggling and unprecedented, which is why staying at the top of your game, and using every opportunity to outrun your competitors has become critical. In the realm of mobile app testing getting your app to the market early is quintessential to getting noticed and garnering success.

Power of Artificial Intelligence

However, with so many processes and myriad things to be managed by developers, this is easier said than done. We at Codoid believe in the power of Artificial Intelligence to enhance mobile app testing. We stand by testing early and often, and as a go-to mobile app testing company, we take our responsibility very seriously.

Today with an expanding market and shrinking resources, companies are facing real problems with regard to creation of automated tests, and the critical need to ‘shift left’ seems insurmountable. It is necessary to use multiple automated testing tools to keep abreast with the pace of development, but it is important to keep costs down as well. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) play an important role. While Agile, DevOps, and Test Early and often have changed the face of QA Services and Software Testing Services, AI and ML have raised the bar of expectations of businesses from Software Testing Companies. The possibility of significantly enhancing speed, accuracy, and efficiency of mobile apps and software is exhilarating.

AI and Software Development

While maintaining the practices for testing and delivery, testers can leverage the power of AI and add more value in the software development process. AI can be implemented in parts, all through the process of software development using automated software testing tools. Tools and platforms enabled by AI can ensure that the code gains optimal test coverage, while prioritizing testing needs. This not only allows the testing teams to run tests in shorter intervals, but serves to significantly enhance efficiency. The good news is that the application of AI can be used in any industry to enhance the speed and accuracy of projects.

With ML being at the core of AI, machines are now able to develop, monitor, and analyze content required for myriad platforms to deliver ad campaigns and content for user consumption. Collecting and collating data from various platforms, forming patterns and relevant connections is required to build algorithms for deriving outcomes – this is where Artificial Intelligence helps.

Power of Artificial Intelligence

AI bots are trained and used for complex and repetitive tasks in the software testing realm, and they not only enhance accuracy and efficiency, but also save a lot of time. With higher precision and effectiveness, the rate of failure and costs are lowered, with productivity for all testing activities is boosted. The gaps that may exist are ‘bridged’ early on, resulting in a superior product.

AI and Software Testing Process

Software development is incomplete without software testing, and hence software testing is irrefutably crucial for a seamless and superior application. Even if there is a lack of effort on the part of developers and testers to perform tests, AI with its myriad features would add value by making the process robust, speedier, and a lot simpler. By leveraging the power of AI, software development and repetitive pattern testing processes, become ‘intelligent’ and superior.

With the pace of everything becoming faster, businesses are in dire need of swifter developments in their existing and somewhat lacking infrastructures. With AI, these issues can be done way with, allowing the testing and development to be exactly as deemed.

Power of Artificial Intelligence

In addition, AI can help combat cyber risks and security threats – these require a high level of automation, and using AI does provide top scale results. Testers constantly seek unique testing environments to test applications, and AI provides these conditions. Such testing environments are critical to success today, since applications would most certainly have some bugs / errors or there could be some unforeseen problem, and being able to test them in myriad environments would help sort the problems early on. Manual testing does not afford this opportunity, given the amount of time and maintenance required.

With AI, the process is completely automated and maintenance is negligible, given that the data to get results and impact testing and development, is machine generated. Is it any wonder then that AI enabled automation is the most preferred by testers and developers to enhance and accelerate testing and development! AI algorithms add tremendous value to application testing – making the applications a lot ‘smarter’, faster, and effective. In addition, AI applications can also help to generate and elevate test cases, automate and prioritize testing, and holistically elevating the analytical and UI testing activities.

In Conclusion

Today every industry is trying to outdo the other to remain unique, innovate, and automate – using AI based apps are becoming one such effort. However, leveraging the power of AI for QA services, mobile app testing, and other software testing services, can be challenging without the experts. It is necessary to have the right know how to – identify exact use cases, gain awareness on the testing and development activities, being able to verify how apps would behave basis the input of data, test app functionality, performance, scalability, security, and so much more – in order to have a high quality successful app. All this can prove overwhelming without the right experience, know-how, and expertise.

Connect with us to know how our agile, lean, and highly proficient team can accelerate the quality of your apps and software and increase release speed. With our experience in mobile testing, AI, machine learning and analytics, we are the go-to Software Services Company for your company’s software quality problems.


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