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Top Software Testing trends to get on board in 2020

There were many prominent trends in 2019 in the software testing landscape as the automation testing industry is dynamic, and our team has made some predictions on where things are headed this year.

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2020 has just begun, but there are already plenty of advancements in the world of testing, some of these trends that will dominate are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT) to name a few. QA services provided by specialized QA companies and their teams are more adept at helping you implement these latest trends into your software testing process. There were many prominent trends in 2019 in the software testing landscape as the automation testing industry is dynamic, and our team has made some predictions on where things are headed this year

Machine Learning

Almost 2/5th of all companies are looking to implement ML projects, and industry experts believe that this number is likely to skyrocket in the coming years . But despite the assuring prospects of ML application, the concept is still in its nascent stage in software testing. So there are multiple challenges present for it to move on to the next level. There is an increasing demand for ML, and QA teams know that it is time for them to acquire skill sets like data science, statistics, and maths. These skills will complement core domain skills in automation testing and software development engineering testing


Testers adopt a combination of AI skills and traditional skills, and this has lead to new job profiles like AI Quality Assurance (QA) analyst and data scientist. Nowadays, automation tool developers, focus on practical building tools and companies reassess options based on their budget to make the best use of information gained from AI. Such tools need to meet cost-efficiency and technical aspect requirements of the business, like read production logs, respond to production activities, and generate test scenarios.


Test automation in agile teams is now more established because nearly 50% of IT companies are automating half their testing, and the adoption rate is only going to ascend this year. Companies adopt Agile and DevOps practices to increase the quality and speed of software development in test automation processes. Test automation performs repeated tasks, to detect bugs quicker, and render perpetual feedback loops, ensuring test coverage. Companies thus save a significant cut on costs, time, and personnel when they integrate automation testing in their QA process.

Data Mining

QA teams must combine automated and manual testing to achieve the best software quality. Developers must continually update themselves by learning about new tools and upgrading the system accordingly. Extensive data can be easily deciphered, and AI and ML will help you make better decisions by enhancing your market strategies through precise data validations. Such enormous data is anticipated to increase at an exponential rate since industries are shifting towards a data-oriented world, and the need for testing big data applications is on the rise.


The number of IoT devices around the world is estimated to reach 20.5 billion by the end of this year, and so it is evident that it must undergo testing. It will check security assurance, data integrity evaluation, ease of use, device compatibility, scalability, etc. IoT testing engineers have a lot of work, especially in monitoring communication protocols and operating systems. QA teams are expected to enhance their knowledge and skills to conduct successful usability,security, and performance IoT testing.


The digital revolution comes with plenty of security threats, and we must recognize the importance of security testing for our software, systems, applications, and network. Software teams have to ensure products are resilient to threats and take cybersecurity seriously so that risk compliances are covered. Security testing helps secure money and data transactions and also protects your end-users.

In conclusion

The seven listed trends will give you a sneak peek into the current prevailing software testing trends of 2020. As one of the best QA companies out there, we believe that the digital transformation is continually evolving; testing engineers, and software product enterprises alike. We should, therefore, stay abreast of the latest changes and innovations and inform quality assurance teams to take these trends into account while building their strategies, so that you can climb the ladder of success.



Posted on 05/02/2020

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