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Most Common Automation Problems QA Teams Still Face

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One of the big trends that rose in popularity in 2020 is test automation and it’s still one of the hottest trends today. This has been the answer that made many believe in the potential of CI/CD and quick QA processes. But even with its perks, many teams are still struggling to achieve its benefits because of the issues they encounter when implementing and working with test automation. 

The biggest misconception of test automation is that you’re pretty much set once you have onboard this process. Truthfully, the reality is far from that. Thorough and careful planning is needed, that’s why partnering up with a reliable automation testing company can do loads to help you reach your ideal business workflow. 

With that being said, it’s best to solve these problems while the iron is still hot. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of the most common automation problems even the most seasoned QA teams still experience, so you won’t have to go through it yourself. Let’s take a look!

Problem #1: Having Unrealistic Expectations for Automated Testing

Test automation really transforms how a business operates — it saves so much time, effort, resources, and money. But with that being said, many QA teams think that once test automation is integrated into the system, things will improve rather quickly and efficiently. The truth is — not quite. 

QA teams have unrealistic expectations about automation testing, making them mess up the whole testing process. The truth is, manual testing still matters in some areas for research, and having a clear testing strategy is still vital. 

Problem #2: Introducing the Wrong Tools

QA teams’ mistake that causes problems in their automation processes is that they aren’t using the right tools. Without the right tools, test automation won’t work effectively, and with the plethora of software and tools in the market, it’s quite easy to feel overwhelmed. 

The best way to deal with this is by working with an automation testing company that could help you choose the best tools that would help you reach your goals. Together, you can set requirements, such as your budget and what kind of support your team needs, then look for a tool that fits just that. 

Problem #3: Choosing Wrong Tests to Automate

When you integrate test automation in your business operations, it could be the shiny new toy your QA team may have, preventing you from choosing the right tests to focus on. With that, you risk missing out on important scenarios and gaps in software quality.

With that being said, choose tests that are worth automating. As you integrate test automation in your workflow, assess which cases need this type of approach and be more beneficial for the team. Besides that, it helps look for potential weak spots in your system to avoid any mishaps during the testing. 

Problem #4: Lack of Training for Testing

Among all the QA team problems, this is by far the trickiest. Without proper training, all your strategies and automation testing efforts may go to waste. With poor training, your team won’t develop an effective and consistent system that could help create a powerful testing approach. 

So before implementing automation, it’s best to train your team correctly and work with an automation testing provider, like Codoid, who could help your team throughout this significant change. With clarity, your team will develop enough technical skills to support your automated tests.

The Bottom Line: You Need to Do the Work to Make Test Automation Do Its Job

Many business leaders reap the benefits of test automation, but we can all agree that reaching this isn’t a walk in the park. The unrealistic expectations that people have over the whole process cause teams to underestimate the importance of a solid strategy, creating gaps in product quality.

With that being said, it’s best to work with automation testing companies, so you know exactly what you’re dealing with and how to maximize the potential of this incredible tool.

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Seeing as test automation can be quite challenging to deal with, it’s best to work with industry leaders in QA, such as Codoid.

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