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Guidelines to maintain your Test Automation Suite

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Guidelines to maintain your Test Automation Suite - Blog
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It is necessary to manage testing efforts by creating test suites for your assets. To facilitate, you should introduce a Test Automation Suite. It doesn’t make testing more accessible and may increase maintenance. That’s why many software testing companies are undecided about the need for test automation even though it has become a necessity in the Software Development Lifecycle process (SDLC) to reduce time. Development and Quality Assurance (QA) teams are depending on automated checks to make sure that the software is delivered in shorter durations and exceed end-user quality expectations. Companies have started to realize that executing accurate automated tests is a worthy investment to advance their testing processes further.

You should be wary of the causes of diminished returns on your test automation investment to leverage your test automation suite. Like trying to force tools to do actions, it can’t because it can lead to poor results. Make QA engineers/testers aware of all tool features so that you can have an efficient implementation at a higher ROI. The following guidelines will allow you to facilitate the maintenance of your automated test suites.

Test Automation Suite

Plan the test suite

Planning increases the chances of testing being productive, and it is an essential part of the strategy for test automation. It articulates to the developers how you plan to maintain test assets. Use test tooling to capture data and treat this like any other asset in your test repository.

Run enough automated tests

Automated tests will give higher ROI if you run them frequently and will have three benefits:

  • Reduced overall application cost
  • Quality feedback is more often
  • Easier to detect, analyze, and fix defects.
  • Tests run in a stable manner

Centrally locate your test assets

Position test assets in a repository that can be easily accessed by developers with test management tools to facilitate maintenance of the test suites to ensure integrity.

Create with maintainability in mind

When creating automated tests, keep reliability at the fore of your decision while building your production code. Else, the time taken for the following will increase:

  • Updating tests to reflect the current state.
  • Analyzing failed tests and finding out you’re test was not up to date. You don’t want automation to become a burden when it was meant to be an accelerator.

Test assets treated like any other software

Test cases and test scripts should be maintained, and it can be of various kinds for automated test suites. During the lifecycle of your test suites, identify and plan the test suite maintenance. Whether corrective, preventative, or adaptive maintenance.

Improve the testability of test suites

Use test suites to communicate decisions to your developers and testers to perform continuous perfective maintenance and consider test suites as assets to both teams.

Learn the craft

To get maximum ROI from test automation, understand that it is a craft, and the implementation requires specific expertise despite the use of automation tools that can help create, maintain, and execute automated tests.

Clean up test suites

Maintain test suites by consistently checking if test assets are valid. During maintenance, cultivate a practice with developers and testers to create packages for obsolete tests or test suites and label them.

That’s why if you’re struggling with this, you should reach out to a qualified automation testing services company like Codoid, and you can guarantee your clients a smooth transition to test automation suites. Only skilled test automation services companies ensure they are up to date with the latest in technology and trends, and their QA and development teams adopt and implement the best practices that are sure to maximize your ROI.


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