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Tools & Libraries for Python Test Automation

Python Test Automation is gaining much popularity among automation testers.

Tools & Libraries for Python Test Automation
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In this blog article, we have listed tools and libraries we use for Python Test Automation Services. Few popular tools to automate web and mobile apps are Selenium and Appium.
However, there are few widely used Python Packages which will help you create and manage your automated test scripts effectively.
Let’s see them one by one.

PyCharm-Python IDE

PyCharm is an excellent IDE choice for automation script development. PyCharm comes in Professional and Community editions. We use Community edition since we need it only for automation testing purpose.

Behave BDD Framework

There are many BDD frameworks like (Lettuce, Radish, Freshen, & Behave) which goes hand in hand with Python. We use Behave BDD frameworks for automation testing projects. Behave has all the required features of BDD.


openpyxl is an Excel library to read and write xls & xlsx files. If you want to install and explore openpyxl, please refer the following blog article. How to read & write Excel using Python

Page Object Pattern

When you apply Page Object Pattern, you can enable re-usability and readability. For example: Every test case in your test suite may instruct you to visit login page multiple times. However, when you do this in automation testing, you no need to write Login page steps in multiple test case files. Create a Page Object Class and call the methods whenever you want the login steps. You can write much cleaner test code using Page Object Pattern.


Creating and maintaining an automation reporting dashboard is never an easy task for a testing team. Writing robust automated tests is a cumbersome task for an automation tester. Creating your own test automation reporting dashboard is an additional effort. We have created many test automation reporting dashboard for our clients. However, nowadays, we have started using ReportPortal instead of reinventing the wheel.

In Conclusion

Python Test Automation is gaining much popularity among automation testers. Follow automation testing best practices, have a right team and use right tools & libraries. This will undoubtedly help you succeed in automation testing.


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