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Top Reasons You Must Have a Budget for Automation Testing

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Automated testing is established as an indispensable part of the overall software testing regime. It helps to maintain the quality of a software product right from the start and reduces the time and effort required for repetitive tasks.

Post the creation of automated frameworks, scripted tests continue to run with negligible maintenance for the entire life of the project. As experts of automation testing services, we firmly believe that this form of testing must never be avoided if you wish to present a top-quality product to your customers. As a test automation company (in addition to a gamut of other services) we guide clients and help them understand that investing in and putting aside a budget for automated testing will prove cheaper in the long run.

Budget for Automation Testing

Keep an Upfront Investment Aside – To Save for the Future

As a business you would have put in sweat and tears, and invested a lot of time, money, and effort to get started and remain successful. It would make sense then to ensure that your automation testing efforts are headed in the right direction. We as a leading automation testing company have helped several clients put together a top-line automated testing regime, within their specified budget and timelines. It is necessary to put together a budget for automated testing since the funds would be required for the acquisition of proper testing tools and the training of the in-house staff that would be using these tools. Additionally, the investment would be used to create the infrastructure to support the testing tools and for running the tests.

It may seem arduous to convince the top brass to allocate a budget for this set of tasks. Convincing them to set aside additional monies is a problem as it is, and becomes even tougher when they may not fully understand the technical requirements, tools, and services important for this form of testing. This is where our experience and expertise can be leveraged – we give you some points that can help the management decisions in favor of allocating a budget for automated testing. The fact is that investing in this important task can have a significant and positive impact on the overall profit of an organization.

Top notch ROIDesigning a test case and creating code for the script does not take up much time. Once the test is created, running it requires minimal human interaction. The ROI from automated tests comes from the fact there is no need for human presence and costly human hours, and each test effectively makes up for some of the investment each time a test suite is run.

Test Often and Meticulously with Automated TestingWell-crafted automated tests can uniformly determine application functionality. Even additional tests added later automatically become part of the suite of tests, elevating the quality of an application even further.

Automated Tests Can Be Run Anytime without Added ExpenseIn manual testing there is a requirement for a human tester, and unless someone is available around the clock such testing cannot run. It would require a business to spend extra funds on hiring resources or paying extra to exist employees to work additional hours. With automatic suites, no human intervention is required and they can be set for execution at any time of day or night and would alert the relevant personnel of any problems or irregularities.

Enable the Use of your Valuable Human Resources for Elevated TasksWe at Codoid believe that our testing team consists of experts in their respective realms and hence we use automation test suites which allow the computer to run repetitive testing scenarios. It is important for a business to ensure that their testing engineers have the time to design additional and creative test cases, and focus on elevating the quality and functionality of an application/system.

Regression Testing Manually is ArduousRegression testing is an arduous process as is, and conducting it manually could add to the complexity and leave the system open to errors and defects. An automated regression test suits ensures stability of the application and consistent support for the required functionality. An automated testing suite validates the functionality with each successful run.

Increases Test Coverage ScopeAn automated testing suite can test cases in a speedier manner than manually by a person. Additionally, repetitive tests can be run to test the same functionality while using varying scenarios.

Get the Advantage of SpeedIrrespective of the number of tests to be run and the complexity of an application, it is a fact that automated tests are significantly faster, accurate, and better than manual tests. We as an automating testing company stand by this fact while knowing when to use manual testing. Since and uses fewer human resources, it makes up over time for the initial investment, and hence putting aside a budget for this form of testing makes business sense.

Bugs Cannot Play SpoilsportRunning detailed tests speedily enables the quicker validation of the code base of an application. This brings up bugs earlier on allowing developers to ascertain the cause and remedy immediately post app creation. As experts in the realm of software testing, we understand the high costs and time requirements if bugs are uncovered later on in the SDLC. It is our endeavor to save valuable resources for our clients and hence recommend early testing to ensure budgets remain undisturbed. This in turn leads to a consistently high quality of software in a speedy manner allowing clients to take their app to market before their competitors – which is the aim of creating apps and software.

Easily Distinguishable Testing ResultsA large number of automated test suites have the option of report generation which would contain details of a number of tests and the results of each. Users can also subscribe to system-generated automated emails to get an objective and highly detailed perspective on the quality of the application.

In Conclusion

We at Codoid stand by the reasons mentioned above, although this is not an exhaustive list of reasons why there must be a budget for automated testing within the overall testing strategy. However, these reasons provide a comprehensive understanding for a business with regard to the need and cost-effectiveness of automated testing. Connect with us to learn more and leverage our expertise in the realm of software testing.


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