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E-Learning Testing

Benefits of Computer-Based Testing

An eLearning testing service will be able to glean a lot of detailed information about the student and their level of understanding of their subject other than merely the test material.

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As eLearning becomes more and more popular in schools, colleges, workplaces, training centres, vendors and other organisations, CBT or computer-based testing inevitably also becomes widely used. Hence now, CBT forms an important part of the eLearning testing processes that companies providing QA services use today.

Whether testers are looking at small learning apps, entire educational systems or are performing eLearning domain testing, CBT becomes relevant because of its increasing implementation and many other benefits such as:

Less resource intensive

Computer based eLearning testing is more flexible and tests can be administered with minimal resource expenditure. Fewer man-hours are required, resources such as paper are saved, and tests can be administered at any time; repeatedly if need be. Students also have the option of taking tests earlier than the scheduled time; passing courses faster, gaining more credits. Storing tests and test results also becomes simpler and streamlined.

Additional information

An eLearning testing service will be able to glean a lot of detailed information about the student and their level of understanding of their subject other than merely the test material. The results are data rich and provide insights such as frequency of logins, the amount time a student remained logged in etc.

Customised testing and assessments

Computer based eLearning testing also enables individualised testing. The difficulty level can be tailored to the grade or skill level of a student and can be made to synch with previous performances.

Frequent testing, multiple test administration

CBT makes the whole testing system flexible and customisable. Software testing services are often called upon to ensure that CBT systems can be administered frequently, in a series of shorter tests or multiple number of times if required.

Instant grading

One of the benefits of computer based or eLearning testing is that test results are available quickly; even instantly as in the case of multiple choice questions and other objective assessments. Instructors save a lot of time; which can be effectively used in giving students valuable and pertinent feedback on their progress.

Assessments are streamlined and made more comprehensive with the help of computer based testing.

Remote testing

One of the aspects of eLearning domain testing is to examine how efficiently remote testing can be carried out. A student or trainee does not necessarily have to physically visit an examination centre but can take their test at a remote location. This can be very important in the case of students in far-flung rural areas or students taking distance learning courses. Such logistical simplification reduces burden on those who administer tests as well as those who take these tests.

Comprehensive feedback

A computer based eLearning testing service also offers superior assessment analytics. It tells you not just how much a student remembers but how good their overall performance is. Testers can glean valuable information about students’ participation in discussions, identification of areas of weakness, amount of effort put in.

Interesting assessments

QA services can examine how interesting the course material is and also ensure that assessments are similarly engaging. The inclusion of videos-based quizzes, puzzles, branching scenarios, in addition to the standard essay type or multiple choice questions can make the whole testing exercise more immersive, interesting and rewarding for the student; helping identify weakness and preventing mistakes.

Testing those with disabilities

Software testing companies are often called upon to assess eLearning test material for those with disabilities or even learning disabilities. Those will dyslexia for instance can take oral tests and those with limited mobility can have a choice about where and when they want to take their tests. Text to voice or voice to text tools, magnification tools, screen readers etc. can be some of the modalities that can be incorporated into computer based testing modalities.

Safe and secure testing

A Software Testing company will test the safety and security of an eLearning platform so that it is stable and invulnerable to attacks and system issues. Similarly, computer based testing protocols can be made secure against malware and can also be made to withstand cheating attempts that students may make.


With so many benefits of computer based eLearning testing, more trainers and educators are turning computer based protocols for more accurate, cost effective and streamlined testing. Are you still hesitating – connect with us and you will know why getting us as your QA and Software Testing Partner is the best business decision.


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