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4 Reasons Why Manual Testing Is Still Important – Our Guide

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Automation testing is used across various industries because it saves time and cost, increases efficiency, and produces reliable results. Because of its many benefits, the software development process has become more efficient and innovative. That’s why your business must look to testing and professional QA companies to refine your products, especially as these companies continue to explore automating and profitable advancements. 

However, take note that while automation testing offers many advantages, manual testing is still necessary. It’s because manual testing is the gold standard for debugging software under development, differentiating the actual results from mere projections. 

Manual testing also works by executing tests naturally through human instincts without using tools or scripts. Doing so gives the software the necessary human ingenuity needed to succeed in your business’s chosen target industry. Here are some reasons why manual testing is still essential to software development:

1. Some highly-specialized domains are best handled with manual testing

Manual testing is preferred over automation testing for most of the system functionality by some domains. For example, the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) Domain is the biggest user of IT services because it involves banking applications that deal with highly confidential financial data. As such, all testing activities performed by banking software must run optimally and error-free at all times to satisfy clients and key stakeholders.  

Banking app development also involves data integrity, the application’s security and functionality, concurrency, and total coverage of all banking workflows and business requirements. Manual testing is more preferred over automation because while the technical side is more specialized, the app needs to be optimized for everyday client use and employees’ convenience. 

2. Mobile app testing can’t rely entirely on automated scripts

Mobile application testing devices involve compatibility and interactions, such as simultaneously running other apps, making device permissions, leaving and re-entering wi-fi, changing swipe directions from left to right, and receiving calls and texts. It is crucial because they affect the app’s overall performance. They can’t be covered with automated scripts, so you need a manual tester to address them to ensure that your mobile application runs as smoothly as possible.

3. Human design is irreplaceable

How individuals interact with technology for their convenience is not something that can easily be replicated through technological means. That’s why there must be human testers in your software development process that lets you create valid test designs, execute them and get your expected results, and foresee defects. By seeking manual testing services, you can detect elements that look off and anticipate failures that automation testing can overlook.

Simply put, manual testing is at par with automated testing. Remember—software development is done with the end-user in mind. That’s why you need to develop features according to preferences and functionality. That way, the finished software is truly market-ready, ingenious, and created to solve immediate needs and wants. 

4. Limitation of a failed automation testing

Unfortunately, failed automation testing only yields limited data based on unsuccessful test cases. It means you can’t perform a workaround to try other areas even if only one area fails. Defects found through ad hoc testing’s results from complicated cases may also not be addressed through predefined automated test cases. 

On the other hand, manual testing lets you perform negative testing more accurately. It can be considered a reference point to correct automated testing, granting you the ability to finish your software development! 


While many organizations are pursuing automation processes for convenience, this shouldn’t mean that you have to abandon manual testing completely. Entirely relying upon the automation testing approach doesn’t allow you to test your product like a real user. That’s why human evaluators are essential and necessary in software development for maintaining your program’s quality. 

Codoid is your manual testing company equipped with manual testing and other QA services for your convenience. Contact us today to overcome your product’s complex testing challenges!


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