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Factors to Consider When Performing Mobile Testing Procedures

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Factors to Consider When Performing Mobile Testing Procedures Codoid Blog
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Since the introduction of mobile applications globally, users have grown to up to three billion over the years. The number doesn’t seem to be dwindling anytime soon, especially with more companies looking to create their own mobile applications to provide convenience to their clients. 

For businesses that want to guarantee their mobile apps work flawlessly, they will need to test them out on both Android and iOS systems to uphold overall user satisfaction. Unfortunately, mobile testing has its obstacles because what may work for one platform may not work for the other!

It will help to hire mobile testing services to guarantee your app is ready for public use. Before you showcase your brand’s new features, keep reading below to find out what exactly a mobile app entails to assure users of its success. 

Choosing the Kind of Device to Utilize

The device consumers use to run your mobile app is a crucial part of the process because most users today expect an application to work for almost all platforms and electronic gadgets. If your target audience is a combination of iPhone and Android users, you have to ensure that your app works on the operating systems of both kinds of devices.

However, if you choose to focus on a native application, your duty as a tester involves clarifying to your market your device’s range and the chosen platforms your mobile app can work on. That way, they won’t expect anything more than what you’re already delivering!

Selecting the Operating System Version

Another fundamental part of mobile app testing is selecting the appropriate operating system version it can work on flawlessly. At the same time, your app must be flexible enough to cater to older and newer OS versions because not all your customers will have the same version.

When it comes to relying on mobile app testing companies to try out your application, you could ask them for suggestions regarding the OS versions that can work to support your app. It will help to include older versions to cater to the needs of users with outdated OS versions as well.   

Establishing the Proper Screen Size

The screen mode you plan to have for your mobile application is integral! You can choose between landscape or portrait mode, to begin with. While seemingly similar, the two settings offer different results—so getting a mobile testing service provider to figure out the best screen size and orientation is significantly helpful. 

Keep in mind that if your mobile app looks seamless on landscape mode, you can’t always expect it to offer the same results when you decide to use portrait mode—and vice versa. In addition, part of improving your user experience is by testing your app on both screen modes and focusing on buttons, scroll bars, and other elements. 

Providing Excellent User Experience 

Brands launching mobile applications shouldn’t focus on promotion alone. They must also learn to provide a unique user experience that offers a clean and straightforward design. Most of the time, people will appreciate it if they can understand what’s happening in front of them!

Besides focusing on a user-friendly experience, your mobile app should also have a great interface that lets individuals navigate the application without difficulty. An application that puts people in a calm state without struggling is a good sign!


When you’re conceptualizing a mobile application for your company, you must ensure to remember the factors listed above to avoid encountering issues in the future. Besides selecting the right device, operating system version, and screen size, you should also make sure to deliver an outstanding user experience. For best results, hiring a reliable mobile testing company to try out your app is necessary to avoid making room for errors and prepare you for the day you introduce your app to your market.

Are you looking for mobile application testing services to manage your brand’s upcoming app? Codoid strives to guide and lead the Quality Assurance community with the guidance of our professional team of engineers. Get in touch with us today to learn more information about our services!


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