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Crucial Mobile App Testing Challenges for App Developers

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Testing is essential for any web or app developer as it ensures the optimum performance of the product. Without testing, multiple user experience issues may not be pointed out within the development process.

This is why successful app development companies invest money, effort, human resources, and other resources in app testing.

This app testing involves testing for multiple devices, OS platforms, variations, and automation. This can be challenging, especially as devices, OS platforms, and other technologies constantly change.

With this, not all QA services are built the same. A company may use a different approach, including continuous testing, split testing, and other methods to ensure that the app performs well. 

Given the multitude of testing tools available in the market, some may not be equally efficient or may even be counterproductive in some cases.

In this article, we will run you through the common challenges of app testing.

A Wide Range of Devices, Platforms, and OS Versions

In today’s tech world, consumers demand new features and functionalities on their mobile devices resulting in the introduction of new OS versions and devices now and then. The app testing process must include testing for all devices, platforms, and OS versions.

Device fragmentation is a big issue in today’s mobile app testing. With such a wide range of devices and platforms, developers must make sure that their apps work on every one of them. 

It’s not always possible right out of the box, which is why additional time and effort are needed to ensure that the app works on every possible device and platform.

Most companies use emulators to detect issues and use real devices to solve the problem. They may also limit the supported devices and OS versions to a minimum. It is easier to make apps supported in the latest flagships than backdated devices and OS versions.

The Needs of the Target Audience

If you are not clear about the needs of your target audience, you will never produce a successful app.

As a developer, you must understand the need of your target audience and develop a mobile app that addresses that need. Without this knowledge, you run a high risk of developing a product that your target audience won’t use.

The testing team needs to align the user experience expectations when evaluating the functionality of the app they are developing. 

Automation Testing and Actual User Testing

Many developers are under the impression that automated testing is the best method of testing. This might be true as automated testing does allow for the build, execution, and analysis of tests in a shorter period.

However, actual user testing using real devices is more appropriate for the complete app testing process. This ensures that the app is being tested on actual devices and scenarios instead of a set of automated tests.

Variations in Network Coverage

Every mobile application will be used under a variety of network conditions. Which means that multiple factors influence the speed of your app.

Apps need to be tested for various network connectivity speeds and should function in different network conditions. You may have to consider if offline access is essential for your app.


Testing is a critical component of app development. As discussed above, with hundreds of phones, OS versions, and devices available in the market, testing can be a challenge.

This is why it is essential to choose a reliable mobile testing services partner.

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